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Errol Spence expects a ‘one-sided’ fight against Lamont Peterson

Spence talks about Keith Thurman and how he thinks his fight with Peterson will play out.

Errol Spence on Keith Thurman suggesting that he’ll only fight him on his own timetable:

“I think him getting a tune-up fight, nothing wrong with that. I mean he been off a layoff, he just had surgery, so I see him having a tune-up fight — nothing wrong with that at all. But him fighting on my terms — it is what it is...what he think and what I think is two different things...”

On Thurman saying he’s never been in the ring with a fighter of his caliber:

“...apparently he not that confident if he keep on prolonging what me and him got going on.”

On who he thinks would be a tougher fight for him between Thurman and Terence Crawford:

“I mean I don’t know. They both have two different styles. Keith’s has got, he like to counter, he like to fight on the move. Terence can move but he like to stay there a little bit more and plant his feet’s two different fights, man. I couldn’t tell you that just off the bat.”

On what challenges Lamont Peterson poses to him:

“Just experience. He’s experienced, he’s hungry. I mean he’s a little bit older so this is like one of his last hurrahs. So I don’t think he’s taking it for granted at all — he’s training his ass off.”

On if he’ll be content just to win or does he feel any pressure to put on a show:

“With me it’s all about having a dominant performance. I wanna dominant performance, I wanna look great, I want everybody to talk about this fight after the fight. So that’s what I gotta do, man. I gotta look great, I gotta put on a great, one-sided performance.”

On what we can expect on Jan. 20:

“Like you said, you can expect me being sharp. The same ol’ Errol Spence, just a lot sharper, a lot faster, stronger, and things like that.”

On having a long layoff, not fighting since last May:

“It’s kinda hard but, you know, I spent this time just being with my kids, man. Just been hanging around my kids, being with my family, and just trying to spend time with them, enjoying my moments with them and things like that. But it kinda hard, I would like to be in the ring every four months, something like that, fight three times this year. But hopefully it will happen, if it don’t then I’ll be disappointed.”

On how his life has changed since becoming a world champion:

“The only thing that changed is the notoriety. I mean everything else still the same. Still drive the same car, still do the same things, still got the same friends. [The only thing that really changes] is the notoriety, man — just people notice you and things like that but it’s still the same ol’ things with me.”

On why fans should tune-in to watch his fight on Jan. 20:

“...they know I’m never in boring fights. Even if it’s one-sided it’s gonna be an action-packed’s gonna be a helluva one-sided performance.”

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