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Barthelemy vs Relikh II: Quotes from the fighters

The junior welterweights meet again on February 10’s Garcia-Lipinets card.


Rances Barthelemy

“Obviously the number one goal for 2018 is to bring home that belt on February 10. Then I want to unify with all the other champions. My New Year’s resolution is to surround myself with good people and win multiple world titles.”

“Winning this title would be a dream come true for me. I’d be the first Cuban fighter in history to win a title in three different divisions. The last fight was very close and deserving of a rematch.

“I just need to stick to my game plan and show everyone that I’m the best 140-pound fighter in the world. The key will be to stay disciplined and land hard shots all night.”

“My whole team has done a fantastic job so far in camp. Ismael Salas and Joel Casamayor are giving me great tips and keeping me focused on my goal. One new thing I’ve added this camp is Bob Santos for nutrition and strength and conditioning. It’s made a big difference over the holidays where I usually eat too much. He’s kept me on a strict diet and training has never been better.”

“Garcia vs. Lipinets is going to be a great fight and I definitely want the winner. Although Lipinets is the underdog going into this fight, I think he’s going to give Garcia all he can handle. But I still think Garcia will come out on top, setting up war between us in a unification bout.”

Kiryl Relikh

“First I have to win this fight in February. But then I have hopes of a great year defending my belt against the mandatory and eventually a unification fight. This will be the year I reach a new level in this sport.”

“This is my second time fighting for a world title and it will be a second lesson for me. This is my time to become champion. I need to do much more during this fight.

“I have to be aggressive right from the start. I’m sure that I need a knockout to get the victory. He can try to run, but he won’t be able to hide from me.”

“These last few weeks through the holidays have been the hardest of my camp, so there was no room for distractions. I spent New Year’s with my family and then I was right back into training camp in the morning.”

“I will have my eye on [Garcia-Lipinets] for sure. I’m focused on Barthelemy now, but I want to unify and if that means fighting Garcia or Lipinets, I will be ready.”

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