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Hearn on Tyson Fury challenge to Anthony Joshua: “He’s overweight and unreliable!”

Eddie Hearn isn’t making much of Tyson Fury’s calling out of Anthony Joshua.

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn took some time to speak with Fight Hub TV about Tyson Fury boldly challenging Anthony Joshua to fight immediately, in his first fight back in over two years.

“I spoke to Tyson Fury this morning, I mean he’s speaking to everyone. I mean he’s even messaged Joshua as well. We can’t base our future on a guy as unreliable as Tyson Fury. And by the way, I love Tyson Fury, I think he’s great for the sport of boxing. We’d love to see him back but he’s overweight, he hasn’t got a license, and he hasn’t boxed in two-and-a-half years and he’s pulled out of his last two fights.

“We deal with the reality, we’re all about actions...We’re not bothered about some tweets that you send out saying you’re back. Show us you’re back. But in the meantime we’ll sit down with you now and negotiate the fight for the summer or the winter of 2018.

“But come back with a win. Show the public you’re back so that we don’t feel like we’re wasting our time. We can’t afford to go into a fight, pull out of the fight, delay a fight. Anthony Joshua’s career has been managed perfectly. We know what we’re doing, we want Joseph Parker, we want another belt, and then we want Deontay Wilder. If the Fury fight can happen in the meantime, great, and we’re open to that discussion. But show us your action rather than just talking about it...

“I wouldn’t want Joshua to beat a Tyson Fury that’s come back and he isn’t at his best, because he won’t even get the credit for it. So let’s see you back, let’s show everybody what a great fighter you are — and he is a great fighter — and a fully fit Tyson Fury is a tough fight for Anthony Joshua. That’s okay! We’re up for tough fights. But like I said, we’re all action. You never see Joshua pull out of the fight. You never see him talk about a fight that he doesn’t deliver in. So we’re ready, and he’s ready — Anthony Joshua is ready — and he deserves the credit that he will fight any man in the division. Just easy, sit down, do the deal, make the fight.”

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