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Omar Figueroa says Adrien Broner is likely his next opponent

Omar Figueroa and trainer Joel Diaz field answer questions about what’s on the horizon.

In this lengthy Q&A session with Fight Hub TV, Omar Figueroa and trainer Joel Diaz talk about their plans and expectations for 2018. Check out some excerpts below...

Omar Figueroa on if there’s any truth to the rumors he may be taking on Adrien Broner next:

“Yeah. They mentioned Mikey Garcia and they mentioned Broner. And well obviously Mikey Garcia fell through, and so I guess now we’re waiting [on] Broner.

“They haven’t sent [any contracts yet]. They told me more or less who, at what weight, and more or less when. So that’s why I decided to come to California and start training. I was like ‘it doesn’t matter when, I don’t want to be surprised,’ you know, so I’d rather start training on time.”

Joel Diaz on what he thinks about a Figueroa-Broner fight:

“It’s a good fight because Broner’s gonna come to fight. And, you know, that’s what we want. We want Broner to come and look for Omar but, it only happens once he gets hit a couple times. Omar’s always had opponents in front of him, they come and they think it’s easy, but once they get hit they think twice. I think Broner will step into the ring against Omar Figueroa because of his style, thinking ‘oh I’m gonna out-jab him and move around him.’ But there’s no way. You cannot look pretty against this guy.”

Figueroa on if he likens a Broner fight to his fight with Adrien Granados:

“Nah, I see it more closely to [Marcos] Maidana...I see myself stopping him, yeah.

“I haven’t been against Maidana. I actually love Maidana and his style and the way he fights and everything. And I just think I’m a lot more refined when it comes to that. I still think that Maidana is more one-dimensional than I am — because I can box, I can do everything, I can do anything in the ring — I just choose to fight the way I fight because nobody’s comfortable fighting like that. And that’s the way I was raised, training and fighting.

“So to me that feels more comfortable than — plus it’s just boring to me, having to jab and run and move.”

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