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Keith Thurman talks potential fight with Errol Spence

Keith Thurman fields questions about where he envisions his career going and a potential showdown with another welterweight titleholder.

In this telephone interview with Fight Hub, unified welterweight champion Keith Thurman talks about how he envisions a fight with Errol Spence Jr. playing out. Check it out...

Thurman on how he sees himself beating Errol Spence:

“Box him, baby...the fundamentals are very simple, you know, the thing is can you execute it? At the end of the day every fight is the same for me: I’m gonna hit you, you’re gonna hit me, but I’m gonna hit you more than you hit me. That’s it. That’s the formula to victory.

“Do I hit people with power punches, am I able to hurt you throughout the exchanges? Can I knock you out, do I go for the knockout? You know, my mind’s not set on fighting Errol right now so I don’t have — it’s different, you know? Like fight week I have my strategy, I know what I’m gonna do. I know how I feel emotionally, what I’m trying to accomplish that night...

“But I just see a lot of boxing, moving, and trading. You know, there’s gonna be opportunities to trade toe-to-toe and he’s a strong fighter in his own right, but I just know he’s never traded with somebody like me and maybe I’ve never traded with somebody like him, but once you’re in the ring with me I normally get my respect quick we’ll see what’s up.”

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