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Joshua-Parker: Opening Press Conference

Watch the full opening presser for Anthony Joshua vs. Joseph Parker.


“This time’s an exciting time to be a heavyweight, especially off this fight that we have lined up...this is probably going to be the hardest camp, in terms of training the hardest and putting the most work because I have a big challenge in front of me, Joshua.

“Joshua, I’ve watched him for a long time, I know he’s watched me coming up. I know his strengths, I know he knows mine. And I know his weaknesses, and he thinks he knows my weaknesses. So I can’t wait for this fight to happen March 31. I can’t wait to train hard, can’t wait to be back to put on a great performance — hopefully catch him on the chin and knock him out.”


“Last time I was out was in Cardiff, it was a great night. And I took my time ‘cause I really knew I wanted to set up for a big 2018. Didn’t do nothing spectacular, but I made sure I secured the bag, I got the win, and that was the most important thing. And now we’re here, as I said, it’s kind of about making history now. And we’ve always been looking in that direction so it’s an honor to be up here with another world champion.

“But in terms of Parker, I don’t really know how to take his camp, in terms of what’s been said and what’s been going on but I take everything with a pinch of salt and I roll with the punches. This is for another strap, and as he said he’s gonna be training extremely hard, I think we’re all blessed with the ability to work hard — there’s no doubt about that but one thing I think separates myself is the fact that I mix intelligence with hard work.

“So not only am I gonna be in peak physical condition, I’m making sure my mind’s in the right place as well — at all times. So I’m looking forward to embrace the challenge, not only from a physical standpoint, but the mental challenge that will come with this fight as well.”

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