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Abel Sanchez talks Canelo-Golovkin rematch

The trainer says Canelo lied to the public about how he would fight Golovkin in their first meeting.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Gennady Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez talks about his expectations for the anticipated rematch with Canelo Alvarez this May. The fight isn’t officially done yet, but is reportedly on its way.

Sanchez on Golovkin’s mindset when considering what he may need to do differently to get a win this time:

“First of all, we haven’t had a chance to sit down and see the fight, I haven’t seen it yet...unless we fight Canelo [again] then I’ll look at it because now we got something to gain.

“I have a custom that when my fighters finish the fight, they leave. I don’t bother them. I leave them because it’s like a father training a son — you know, you go home with them and your with them all the [time]. He’ll be with me for 10 weeks, 12 weeks, I think they need the time for themselves. So I haven’t had a chance to sit down with Gennady and talk about the fight or go over the tape or anything like that.

“If the fight is made and he comes to camp, then we’ll sit down with the fight without the sound in the fight and analyze it, but I believe he won the first one. I believe if we do the same thing we did in the first one we’ll win again. I don’t think he can press any more than he did. I think that Canelo lied to us about how he was gonna fight the fight. Although he fought a great fight not to get knocked out — he fought a very good fight not to get knocked out — but in order to give the fans what he said he was gonna give them I think he needs to exchange with Golovkin and we’ll see who knocks who out.

“Look, maybe he hit Golovkin with a great shot and Golovkin is hurt and Canelo, being a great finisher, finishes him. But that’s not gonna happen when you have a track meet. That’s not gonna happen when all you do is move and move and move and you don’t sit there long enough to be able to be considered a fight.

“The Hagler-Leonard fight, even though Leonard had to be careful with Hagler, was not a boring fight like that. They exchanged. In this fight it was difficult to exchange because the guy was on his bicycle.”

On why Golovkin could just cut off the ring to force Canelo to fight more:

“He did cut off the ring. Let me ask you a question. Why couldn’t Canelo cut off the ring against Lara? You know, when a guy doesn’t want to get caught he’s gonna run as much as he can. Golovkin can only do what he can do without exposing himself, without just making a stupid mistake. You’re obviously fighting a very good fighter in Canelo. Canelo had the same difficult time with Lara — because of the running — that Golovkin had with him.

“Although we won the fight, it’s just when you talk a certain fight before the fight and you fight in a opposite fight, I think that we’re all disappointed — we as fans are disappointed. If the rematch is made I believe Canelo has the pressure on him to make it more of a fight. And who knows?! He landed some shots in this last fight. Who knows?! He’s a good puncher too. So I think we deserve, as fans, we deserve something better than what he gave us last time.”

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