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Spence-Peterson: Lamont Peterson’s Media Workout

Lamont Peterson goes through a mitt routine as he prepares to challenge Errol Spence this weekend.

As Lamont Peterson readies himself to challenge Errol Spence for his IBF welterweight title this weekend, he holds an open media workout session which can be seen above thanks to Fight Hub TV.

Peterson (35-3-1, 17 KOs) is certainly a capable operator in the ring, but since Spence is considered to be a genuinely special talent, he’s sort of expected to get steamrolled in this fight. Peterson, however, doesn’t care much for fan expectations — he’s just trying to make a statement. And if he can upset Spence, he’ll have certainly made a big one.

At age 33 Peterson is coming off two consecutive wins since a debatable loss to Danny Garcia in early 2015. I personally thought it was the correct decision — with Peterson ending strong but starting too late — but reasonable minds can differ. Either way, Peterson has shown an ability to compete with the creme of the crop, even if he hasn’t been able to quite get over the hump.

This may be his last real chance...

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