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Is Andre Ward planning an epic return?

The ‘retired’ fighter has been dropping hints on social media.

Andre Ward v Sergey Kovalev 2 Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Former pound-for-pound champion Andre Ward unexpectedly announced his retirement from boxing late last year, but is this really the end of his fighting days? More than a few people doubted that Ward was actually walking away for good, and Ward has never made any secret about his dreams of capturing a heavyweight title...

So might this ‘retirement’ be more of a hiatus from the sport as he works himself into a heavyweight frame? Signs are pointing in that direction, aided with not-so-subtle hints from the fighter.

Last night Ward posted this photo of himself with the caption ‘We’re working on something special.’

Ward had also posted another comment that pertained to his physical state...

Now why might a retired fighter be focusing his current weight and build, saying he’s been ‘working,’ if he had no intentions of fighting again? Anyone who’s paid close enough to Ward’s past statements and aspirations should be able to reasonably foresee what’s on the horizon here. But for now, let’s just the speculation run wild.

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