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Keith Thurman says he will not fight Errol Spence this year


In this video interview with Fight Hub, Keith Thurman talks about his plans for this year and why they don’t include a unification bout with Errol Spence.

Thurman on his May return:

“[My opponent is] to be announced, my man. I’m very happy to be stepping back into the ring, it’s been a long time off. The recovery and the injury was not what I wanted it to be. But, like you said, I got two titles right here, we will be defending them on the 19th, we will be back in New York for the boxing fans that I believe love me the most. I believe this city loves me the most and I respect that.”

On fans really wanting to see a fight between him and Errol Spence and if he’s going to deliver that this year:

“You’re not gonna see it in ‘18, baby. This is the get-back’re not gonna be able to see it...I mean, I’m not gonna step in once — there’s a lot of competition. I believe Errol Spence is a great champion. But he can defend the title that he just acquired — he can defend that another time this year. I’m gonna defend these [belts] this year. After that I can expand — because I just became the unified champion, correct? I just became unified, he just became champion with his first title defense. I’ve yet to defend my unification. And I’m gonna be defending it after an injury.

“So this is all a get-back year. I hope later this year we can do an exciting fight for you, but it will not be EJ. EJ is to come, in the near future, but not that soon.”

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