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Wilder: Joseph Parker will have to KO Anthony Joshua to win

Deontay Wilder breaks down his thoughts on the Joshua-Parker fight while targeting Joshua for himself.

Deontay Wilder talks to the media about wanting a fight with Anthony Joshua and how he sees a Joshua-Parker fight playing out. Check it out...

Wilder on Anthony Joshua:

“...if your team lying to you then you come wit it. I’m talking, I’m calling you out each and every time because, you know, ya’ll think ya’ll doing so great in your country — like I said, it’s a small country — which I’m happy for him. I’m very happy for Joshua for what he’s doing. But when it comes to the boxing business of it, when it comes to seeing who’s the best, I know I’m the best and he can’t see why I have so much confidence in myself. He wanna talk about beating Klitschko or whatever, man...”

On his thoughts on Joshua-Parker:

“You know, I wish Parker all the best but I think Parker is definitely gonna have to knock Joshua out to win that fight...I see that fight going late rounds. Um, whatever happens I feel like it’s gonna happen in the late rounds, and I definitely give Parker a chance...

“We always hear ‘the heavyweight division, everyone can hit, blah blah blah,’ which that ain’t true. Just because you a heavyweight that don’t mean you can hit because, honestly, some guys can’t even kill a fly on the mitts if they tried. So that don’t mean nothin’. But it’s all about what’s up in [your heart]. And I feel Joseph Parker is coming, he got the heart, we’ll see what happens but I think he’s definitely gonna have to knock him out to win that one.”

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