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Brandon Rios: Lots of people think I’m done! I’m not!

Rios talks about feeling rejuvinated and still having something to offer in boxing.

Brandon Rios talks to Fight Hub TV about this current state of his career and his expectations for his upcoming bout with Danny Garcia. Check out what he had to say...

Rios on being more calm, cool, and collected at this point in his career:

“You gotta grow up [sometime], so I grew up and I’m taking boxing more seriously now. I’m ready to get back to the top.”

On people believing he’s already washed up:

“The losses I did was ‘cause of my fault, ‘cause I wasn’t taking it seriously like I should be. I was young and dumb and I’m more mature now I’m ready to go.”

On his prediction for his fight with Danny Garcia:

“My hand raised. I expect the victory. I’m glad to do whatever I gotta do and got a fight, and win the fight. That’s my prediction.”

On if he feels the stakes are high, and that he might have to retire with a loss here:

“Yeah, it’s definitely, because I got so many people doubting me and everything. I got so many people thinking that I’m done. I’m not done! I’m re-starting again. I feel rejuvenated, I feel young again, and I’m ready to go again.”

Of if he’s really in the condition that he was at the height of his career, at 135lbs:

“I see that in training, weight-wise. I’m sparring young cats to keep me active, to keep me on my toes, so I feel good, man. I feel really good, I feel young again like I said, and I feel rejuvenated and I’m ready to go again. I’m ready to take over now.”

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