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Roach: Adrien Broner ruined his career

Trainer Freddie Roach is asked for his thoughts on Adrien Broner vs. Omar Figueroa.

Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach fields some media questions about a couple upcoming fights and shares his thoughts...

On a Terence Crawford-Jeff Horn fight:

“ guy is so much better than the other. Horn, he’s a dirty fighter and he’s rough in there, but that’s all I can say good about him. I mean I’m not impressed by him at all. Manny beat him easily, should’ve knocked him out in the ninth but, you know, that’s the way it goes.”

On Adrien Broner taking on Omar Figueroa:

“Who cares about Broner right now? I saw him at the fights the other night, I said hi to him, I like Broner, he’s my friend, yes, but as far as his boxing career — I think he’s ruined that.”

On if it’s too late for Broner to get it together:

“You know, if he would go back to Colorado Springs [for] his training camps and be secluded, he could do very well ‘cause he is a good fighter. But for him to get ready for a fight in his hometown, fuckin’ forget about it! It’s not gonna happen. He’s just too much a playboy — there’s too many distractions.

“Taking [boxing] serious? I mean, he’s in New York the other day, I watched him go shopping and come back in carrying like 50 bags. Is that serious?! I mean, come on! Give me a break.”

On if a change in trainer could help Broner:

“...he has good trainers. He had great trainers actually, I thought.”

On if he would consider training Broner:

“Ummm...I really...knowing his reputation and his past — I don’t think it’s gonna work. Because we’re so different.”

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