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Lo Greco: Amir Khan is mentally weak

Phil Lo Greco says he was able to land this fight by taunting Khan on Twitter.

PBC On NBC: Errol Spence Jr. v Phil Lo Greco Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

With Amir Khan officially being scheduled for his return this April, his opponent Phil Lo Greco talks to Sky Sports about the fight and why he thinks he was able to get this opportunity.

Lo Greco claims it began by a few taunts he sent in Khan’s direction over Twitter, which caused Khan to immediately block the fighter on social media...

“What happened was, I have a TV show called the ‘Culinary Fighter’. I tagged him in one of my episodes because I called him a ‘Khandashian’.

“I tagged him and he blocked me. I didn’t think much of it. I’m like whatever, he took it personally, and then when he announced the fight, I called my producer and said hey man, do me a favour, knock up some photos, let’s just have some fun.

”But I didn’t think he was going to bite. Eddie Hearn, you hired a client named Amir Khan. What does that tell you? Your client is mentally weak.”

While Khan has stated his intentions of getting back in action and taking on some big fights at welterweight, Lo Greco says he’s actually getting this fight because Khan knows he gets beat up by any of the top welterweights: namely Shawn Porter, Keith Thurman, Errol Spence, and Danny Garcia (who already has a win over Khan).

Lo Greco also mentions that he doesn’t expect Khan to be the same fighter he once was after suffering such a bad knockout loss in his last outing against Canelo Alvarez. That, though, will have to prove itself out in time.

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