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Amir Khan-Phil Lo Greco press conference interrupted by scuffle

Amir Khan had a hard time keeping his composure under Phil Lo Greco’s taunts.

Amir Khan press conference Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Phil Lo Greco has called Amir Khan a mentally weak fighter, and has now proven his ability to get under Khan’s skin during today’s kickoff press conference. The fighters were on hand at the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool, England to formally announce their April 21 fight, and after trading a few insults with one another, Lo Greco made some comments about Khan’s very public marital dispute which sparked this fracas.

Apparently Khan has learned a thing or two from his stint on reality television, where hurling a drink at your adversary is the go-to move of choice. The melee forced the press conference to come to a brief halt as organizers tried to reel things back under control. Thankfully both Batman and Superman were in attendance.

Obviously there’s no love lost between Khan and Lo Greco and it seems that Lo Greco, knowing he’ll be a big underdog in this fight, is attempting to get in Khan’s head to force him out of character. So far, so good.

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