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Mayweather announces move to MMA?

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It sounds like Floyd Mayweather is serious about a crossover.

Floyd Mayweather Jr v Conor McGregor Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather is continuing to drop hints that he'll be crossing over to mixed martial arts, however much of a stretch that may seem. Just a couple of hours ago the future Hall of Fame boxer dropped this video clip, exclaiming:

"2018, Floyd 'Money Mayweather, MMA, what are the odds..."

Come at the king, you best not miss...

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I previously had the odds pegged at zero, so I'm still sort of inclined to believe this has to be some sort of marketing gimmick or something. But who knows. We did see Mayweather-McGregor in a boxing match when almost nobody thought that could really happen. Even still, it's hard for me to wrap my head around the thought that a 40-year-old fighter would go this far out of his comfort zone in a discipline he has zero experience in.

But you tell me. Does this sound like a formal announcement to you? Might Floyd lend his image to the UFC and take on a few low-level fighters this year? AM I IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE?!