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Thurman talks Crawford’s move to welterweight

Keith Thurman says he wants to see what Terence Crawford can do at 147.

In this telephone interview with Fight Hub TV, Keith Thurman is asked about his thoughts on Terence Crawford moving up to 147, where he currently campaigns as a unified titleholder. Check out what he had to say...

Thurman on Crawford moving up to welterweight:

“Yeah, I’d like to see him fight at 147. So that’s nice. Take a fight.

“I love how the guy’s in my division, if I step on the scale you’d be surprised what division I’m in right now, you know what I mean? But that don’t mean nothing. That don’t mean nothing if I don’t take a fight.

“...everyone talks about how he’s at 147 but I haven’t heard of him fighting, I haven’t watched him fight at 147. He hasn’t competed against anybody in the top 10 at 147. I know he’s a great champion, I know the kid from the amateurs. I got respect for the kid. I got respect for a lot of these fighters out here, man. But at the end of the day I still want to see him go to work.

“You in my division, cool bro. Go to work, show me what’s up!”

About Crawford potentially facing Jeff Horn:

“That’s what he needs to do. Pick up the title and then start more trash talking. It’s all good. But take a fight! Move up and take your fight at 147!”

On if he thinks he’ll fight his whole career at 147:

“I don’t know if I’ll stay my whole career at 147, but I want my legacy to be at 147. I want my greatest accomplishments to be at 147...I don’t wanna be the undisputed 154-pounder, you know. If I grab a title at 154, I try to make an attempt one day, I’m not trying to be the man at the weight class above. I’m trying to be the man at the weight class I always knew I was gonna naturally fight at, and compete at, so...”

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