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Terence Crawford takes a swing at Jose Benavidez during weigh-in

Terence Crawford nearly ended tomorrow's fight before it started.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum wasn't in between Terence Crawford and Jose Benavidez this time - you know, to remind them that they can't get physical until tomorrow night's title defense - so naturally that's exactly what happened.

Tensions boiled over during today's official weigh-in where Crawford and Benavidez went face to face for the last time before they square off.

Benavidez would shove Crawford during the face off and Crawford would respond by trying to wipe Benavidez's nose with his fist. Benavidez was able to slip the punch, which ironically benefits Crawford a great deal for the ill-advised move.

Had Crawford landed the shot there's a huge likelihood that tomorrow's fight would've been called off, costing Crawford a big check, a suspension, and a probable lawsuit.

With this disaster a near miss, these two won't have to share the same space until it's officially time to fight.

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