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Benavidez on Crawford: He threw a ‘b***h punch’

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Jose Benavidez Jr is confident about his chances as the underdog.

After Terence Crawford took a swing at him during Friday’s weigh-in for Saturday night’s ESPN main event, Jose Benavidez Jr spoke with ESPN’s Bernardo Osuna about the altercation and the fight.

On Crawford taking a swing at him

“I’m in his head, I’m in his head. And I hope he swings faster than what he swung today, because I seen that punch coming a mile away. And I hope he puts more power into it, too, because that was a bitch punch he threw.”

On keeping his own emotions in check

“I’m ready for anything that comes my way. I’m ready. I’m not gonna let their team get in my head. I’ve got a game plan, I know what I’m gonna do, and I’m gonna take him out tomorrow.”

On possibly being overconfident

“It’s not overconfidence. I have confidence in myself. I’m gonna do what I have to do tomorrow, and I’m gonna be victorious tomorrow.”