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WBSS: Josh Taylor vs. Ryan Martin Press Conference

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Josh Taylor and Ryan Martin discuss their opening round fight of the World Boxing Super Series.

As the World Boxing Super Series looks to move on with it’s junior welterweight tournament, it holds an official press conference for the quarterfinals match between Josh Taylor (13-0, 11 KOs) and Ryan Martin (22-0, 12 KOs). The two 140-pounders will square off in Glasgow on November 3rd.

Martin wasn’t in attendance for the presser, but promoter Kalle Sauerland was sure to talk-up Taylor as one of boxing’s most promising prospects. Then, when it was Taylor’s turn to speak about how things have been going in camp, he offered these thoughts:

“Preparation has been going great,” Taylor began. “I feel ready to fight now. Next couple of weeks is the last couple of weeks of training, hard training, so this is the hardest part of camp — this is where I’ll be getting my peak fitness.

“I’m so excited for this tournament. It’s such a massive opportunity for my career...”

Catch the full video of the press conference above, courtesy of our friends at Fight Hub TV.