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Tevin Farmer: Fight with Gervonta Davis has got to happen

Tevin Farmer has a title defense set, but he’s got a big fight in mind.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tevin Farmer, holder of the IBF super featherweight title, is set to defend his belt against James Tennyson on Saturday in Boston, live on DAZN, but he’s definitely got Gervonta Davis on his mind, where Davis has been for a while now.

From a Matchroom press release:

“I want to fight Gervonta Davis. I have a title, I have a great contract, so I don’t need him – but I have to have that fight. There’s been a lot of talking but I am about handling business. We’ve talked enough, I want the fight so let’s make it happen.

“There’s no more ‘get a title’ talk, there’s millions of dollars in that fight and it can be made, it’s one of the biggest fights in boxing. I don’t have to chase anyone, I’m the money out there now, get your ticket and I’ll pick it. The best want to fight the best and it’s got to happen. I am a fighter, that’s all I want, let’s leave the streets on the streets and do the fighting in the ring.”

Now, I don’t know that there are “tens of millions” in the fight or that it’s “one of the biggest fights in boxing,” but assuming Farmer comes through tomorrow’s fight with Tennyson, it’s a good one. Davis has been trucking pretty much everyone he’s fought, but Farmer’s slick style could frustrate him a bit, in theory, and take the young fighter into deep waters for the first time.

Would you give Farmer a reasonable chance at the upset, or is “Tank” just too good?

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