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Fury’s trainer: We’ve got Wilder exactly where we want him!

Ben Davidson says Tyson Fury’s mind games are working on Deontay Wilder.

In this video interview captured by our friends at Fight Hub TV, Ben Davison, trainer of Tyson Fury, gives his thoughts on the opening presser and all the verbal jousting between Fury and Wilder. Check out what he had to say on the press event...

“One-nil...[Fury’s] done exactly what he’s planned, he’s got him emotionally involved.”

Davison on what Fury has to do in the ring to be victorious against Wilder:

“It doesn’t take a genius to see that Deontay Wilder has flaws, do you know what I mean? And that’s what we’ve got to exploit, as everybody tries to do — you always try to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses and that’s what we’re gonna do.

“One of Deontay’s weaknesses that has been getting ironed out of his game as he’s gone up in levels is his recklessness. Tyson’s got him emotionally involved, like I said there, and [Wilder’s] saying he wants this to be his most devastating knockout, and he’ll be forcing things more than ever because, like I said, Tyson’s got him emotionally involved. And that’s gonna exploit more of his one-nil.”

On if Fury will engage Wilder in his “wild” style of fighting:

“Is he wild, though? Is he really wild until he gets somebody hurt? He’s not, really. You know, you watch fights like his Luis Ortiz fight — very cagey, very cagey. Luis Ortiz is not a man the size of Tyson Fury. So, you know, like I say, it’s all about everybody tries to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses and that’s what we’re gonna do and if we can make those weaknesses worse by, like I say, getting him emotionally involved then it’s all to play for — that’s all part of the build-up. We’re one-nil up, we got him exactly where we want him.”

On if he thinks Wilder’s frustration on the failed Anthony Joshua fight will play any role in this fight:

“Well let me explain something. On Good Morning [Britain], if you watched it, it was all calm & cool because Tyson was all calm & cool. Then Tyson wanted to fire it up so he got it fired up. Tyson’s in control. Tyson’s setting the tone of how it’s playing out and that’s how the fight’s gonna play out.”

On if he sees signs of Fury recapturing the form he had when he beat Klitschko:

“Tons of it. All the time. And Tyson just raises his game to whatever’s in front of him. And sometime he drops it to what’s in front of him. So that’s a strength in big fights and a weakness in the lesser fights.”

On if he thinks Fury can put on an even better performance than the Klitschko fight:

“100% because I feel like it needs to be. You know, Klitschko is 6’6”, Wilder’s 6’7”, Wilder’s lighter which means he’s quicker. Klitschko had better feet, a lot better feet. Wilder probably hits a bit harder, longer reach. So, you know, there are attributes that point to Wilder being the more harder fight. But we know exactly what we’ve got to do and like I say, it’s Tyson setting the tone of how things are gonna play out in this showing.”

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