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Andrade vs Kautondokwa: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Demetrius Andrade meets Walter Kautondokwa for the vacant WBO middleweight title.


Today at 5 pm ET streaming on DAZN, the card from Boston goes live, featuring a main event between Demetrius Andrade and Walter Kautondokwa for the vacant WBO middleweight championship. The main event is expected to start around 9 pm ET.

Andrade (25-0, 16 KO) was supposed to face Billy Joe Saunders, but Saunders failed a VADA drug test, was denied a license by the Massachusetts commission, and was stripped of his title, replaced in the fight by Namibia’s Kautondokwa (17-0, 16 KO), a relative unknown with a dangerous looking record.

In the co-feature, Tevin Farmer (26-4-1, 5 KO) will defend his IBF super featherweight title against James Tennyson (22-2, 18 KO). It’s Farmer’s first defense after beating Billy Dib for the vacant belt in August in Australia.

Katie Taylor (10-0, 5 KO) will defend her WBA and IBF lightweight titles against veteran Cindy Serrano (27-5-3, 10 KO), and Kid Galahad (24-0, 15 KO) will take on Toka Kahn Clary (25-1, 17 KO) in a world title eliminator at 126 pounds.

Wil Esco will be on the round by round call. Join us!


  • DEMETRIUS ANDRADE def. WALTER KAUTONDOKWA by UD (120-104, 119-105, 120-104)
  • KATIE TAYLOR def. CINDY SERRANO by UD (100-90, 100-90, 100-90)
  • TEVIN FARMER def. JAMES TENNYSON by TKO (1:44 of Round 5)
  • KID GALAHAD def. TOKA KHAN CLARY by UD (118-110, 118-110, 115-113)



Round 1: Andrade starts with a jab that Kautondokwa parries. Now Kautondokwa tries his own jab that Andrade blocks. Andrade goes down to the body with a straight left hand. One-two lands clean for Andrade. Now Andrade goes with a left hook to the body. SOLID LEFT HAND PUTS KAUTONDOKWA DOWN! Andrade hit Kautondokwa with a shot while he was down but the referee didn’t say anything about it! Kautondokwa makes it to his feet to keep the fight going. Andrade 10-8.

Round 2: Andrade lands a left hand to the body but misses on a follow up jab. Andrade goes right back down to the body with a short combination. Two hooks to the body land on both sides of Kautondokwa. Another straight left downstairs lands for Andrade, who then slips the counter shot. Andrade tries to line up a big left hook that misses. Kautondokwa grazes Andrade with a left hook upstairs. Andrade 10-9, 20-17.

Round 3: Andrade lands to the head and body of Kautondokwa with his jab. Another one-two from Andrade splits the guard. Hard right hook to the body lands for Andrade. Kautondokwa comes in and lands two body shots but Andrade pivots away and gets back to his jab. BIG COUNTER LEFT HAND FROM ANDRADE PUTS KAUDONTOKWA DOWN HARD! Andrade jumps on the ropes to celebrate but it’s not over! Kautondokwa beats the count but he’s hurt bad! Andrade strafes Kautondokwa with a few more shots to finish the round. Andrade 10-8.

Round 4: Andrade comes out looking to end this fight. Another counter left hand lands clean to the head of Kautondokwa. BOTH FIGHTERS TRADE SHOTS AND KAUTONDOKWA GOES DOWN AGAIN! Kautondokwa makes it to his feet again, somehow, showing a lot of heart. The same counter left drops Kautondokwa yet again!! Andrade shrugs to the crowds as if to say what else does he have to do to score the knockout! Andrade 10-7, 40-32.

Round 5: Referee calls a timeout to have Kautondokwa evaluated by the doctor. Doctor says he’s okay to continue and away we go. Andrade has dropped Kautondokwa four times with some mean left hand counters, Kautondokwa has to be on the lookout for that punch. Another lead left hand lands for Andrade, but Kautondokwa doesn’t hit the deck this time. Left hand goes to the body this time for Andrade. Two hard body shots land for Andrade just before the bell. Andrade 10-9.

Round 6: Andrade targets to the body again with a straight left hand. Another hard left to the body lands for Andrade. The same left hand to the body lands hard again for Andrade. Andrade cuffs Kautondokwa’s head and he goes down, ruled a push down. Now Andrade gets tripped during a pivot move and he goes down. Andrade 10-9, 60-50.

Round 7: Andrade starts this round in the orthodox stance, and lands a couple of lead jabs, followed by a hard hook. Andrade stabs to the body and head as he continues to fight from a right-handed stance. Now Andrade goes back to his natural southpaw stance and Andrade looks to land the straight left to the body. Clean shots lands for Andrade at center ring. Andrade tries a looping left hand this time but it doesn’t quite find the mark. Andrade 10-9.

Round 8: Andrade comes out with a left hand followed by a hook. Kautondokwa tries two punches but pays for it as Andrade is quick with the counters. Check hook lands for Andrade. Another check look lands for Andrade, Kautondokwa ties up. Kautondokwa misses big on a huge right hook. Left hand lead lands for Andrade. Andrade dances along the ropes until he pivots back to center ring, Andrade taking a breather to end the round. Andrade 10-9, 80-68.

Round 9: Andrade jabs and then slips the counter jab from Kautondokwa. Andrade tries to set up a trap for Kautondokwa but just misses on the left hand. Five punches come from Andrade, tagging Kautondokwa to the body to finish. Left hand lead lands for Andrade. Andrade is no longer really imposing himself, but basically just cruising. Andrade 10-9.

Round 10: Andrade continues to control this fight with his straight left hand. Andrade throws the left, spins Kautondokwa, and gets back to center ring in one fluid motion. Both fighters have slowed the pace a little bit, but Andrade is still landing when he really wants to. One-two lands for Andrade. Kautondokwa tries a lead right that partially lands. Andrade 10-9, 100-86.

Round 11: Kautondokwa’s corner tells him he needs a knockout to win the fight. Hard straight left to the body lands for Andrade. Right hand lead lands for Kautondokwa this time. One-two comes from Andrade, grazing Kautondokwa. Andrade goes back down to the body with his left hand. Andrade tries a couple more punches but can’t land them clean. Andrade still takes the round. Andrade 10-9.

Round 12: Andrade has been coasting for the second half of this fight, just not wanting to walk into a stupid shot. A couple body shots land well for Andrade. Hard left hand lands clean for Andrade upstairs, knocking Kautondokwa to the ropes. Double left hand comes from Andrade. Andrade dominates from start to finish. Andrade 10-9. I’ve got Andrade by a ridiculous margin, 120-104.


Round 1: Taylor is first to center ring as Serrano looks to box on the outside. Taylor reaches with a jab to the body but it falls short. Serrano moving laterally but Taylor jumps in with serveral hard shots that don’t land clean. Taylor has already proven she’s the much stronger fighter, at least in terms of punching power. Serrano doesn’t want to mix it up in this opening round. Taylor 10-9.

Round 2: Serrano still content to sit on the outside and not rush into any big shots from Taylor. Right hook partially lands on Serrano’s head. Taylor is just chasing Serrano around the ring. Another right hand lands for Taylor. Now Taylor comes with two hooks upstairs. Serrano isn’t really offering much in terms of formidable resistance. Taylor 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Taylor leads with a hook that Serrano catches with her glove. Three more punches come fro Taylor as Serrano just has to cover up. Two big shots land for Taylor and back Serrano to the ropes. Taylor throws a flurry of punches and it feels like Serrano didn’t come to win this fight, she’s mostly just trying to survive it. Left to the body lands for Taylor at the bell. Taylor 10-9.

Round 4: Taylor jumps in with two punches that partially land. Now Taylor lands a clean right hand on Serrano. Now Taylor comes in with another combination and lands a left hook upstairs. Serrano just can’t trade with Taylor punch for punch. She’s trying her best to be crafty but it’s not nearly enough to win any rounds. Taylor 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Taylor comes out and throws a combination that pushes Serrano back to the ropes. Two left hands land for Taylor to the body and head. Left jab lands clean for Taylor this time. This fight is one-way traffic. Three more punches come from Taylor as Serrano just tries to put her gloves up to block as best she can. Clean uppercut lands for Taylor just before the bell rings. Taylor 10-9.

Round 6: Taylor lands a jab, then looks for a big right hook that just misses. Taylor jumps on Serrano with a number of hard shots that land. Taylor is pouring on more and more pressure, and hitting Serrano more and more. Two more shots land for Taylor. This fight is a gross mismatch, not sure what the point of keeping this going is. Serrano isn’t badly damaged but she just has nothing to offer that can stem the tide. Taylor 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Taylor jumps on Serrano right away with hard shots. Taylor looks like she wants to end this fight as soon as possible. Serrano gets warned for holding. Taylor rips to the head and body of Serrano. Serrano is barely throwing any punches. Taylor puts herself on the ropes as she taunts Serrano into coming forward to fight. Taylor strafes Serrano with a couple more punches. It’s strange, a lot of Serrano’s punches come when Taylor is well out of range, it’s almost like she only wants to shadow box. Taylor 10-9.

Round 8: Two left hooks to the body come from Taylor to start the round. Taylor ispicking up the pace again and hitting Serrano to the body and head. Now a hard jab lands for Taylor. Clean right hand lead lands for Taylor. Are you getting the trend yet? Taylor is simply washing Serrano. Taylor 10-9, 80-72.

Round 9: This round was just like all the preceding rounds, just even more lopsided for Taylor. Taylor 10-9.

Round 10: Taylor comes out and hits Serrano with a lot more punches, looking to end this fight with a knockout. Serrano has taken a lot of clean, hard shots but hasn’t been down yet. Referee now threatens to stop the fight with only one minute left. Sure, now you want to intervene?! Quick timeout to cut loose tape off Taylor’s glove. Right hook lands for Taylor, who has simply dominated Serrano for the full course of this fight. Taylor 10-9, 100-90.


Round 1: Tennyson comes out quick with a jab that Farmer slips. Tennyson attacks with three more punches but Farmer is able to evade them as well. Farmer slips a jab and lands a body shot. Farmer sneaks in an uppercut this time, then lands a right hook to the body before ducking the return fire. Two jabs and a left hand come from the southpaw, Farmer. Farmer gets in another left hand to the head. Tennyson tries to bully his way in but Farmer pivots away. Lead left hand lands again for Farmer. Now Tennyson lands an uppercut on the inside. Farmer has unleashed every punch in his arsenal in opening round. Farmer 10-9.

Round 2: Farmer flashes his hand speed to open the second round. Tennyson tries to double his right hand but can’t find the target. Farmer throws to both sides of Tennyson’s body, getting in the left hand. Left hand lead partially lands for Farmer at center ring. Nice jab lands clean for Farmer. Tennyson comes in close and whacks away at the body. Nice counter left hand lands clean for Farmer. Another counter left hand lands for Farmer, who follows it up with a three-punch combination. Farmer 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Farmer paws with the jab as Tennyson tries to go down to the body. Farmer lands a short uppercut on the inside. Farmer lands a nice hook to the body, then goes right to the other side. Hard uppercut to the body lands clean for Farmer. Farmer lands another body shot, this time a right hook downstairs. Four-punch combination comes from Farmer. Tennyson sneaks in an uppercut to the chin on the inside. Farmer comes back and lands two right hooks to the body. Left upstairs lands for Farmer. Farmer is landing a lot of shots in this round. Four more punches to the body land for Farmer! Farmer 10-9.

Round 4: Sharp straight left hand to the body lands for Farmer. Man, if Farmer had good power he’s be a nightmare for anybody. Farmer stands at center ring, right in the pocket, and just picks which shots he wants to land on Tennyson, and he’s mixing them up well. Farmer slips and pivots a big shot from Farmer. Now Farmer drops Tennyson with a left hook body shot! Tennyson just beats the count and goes back to the body with a couple of hooks. Farmer showboats by defending while holding onto the rope which gets him a warning from the referee. Farmer 10-8, 40-35.

Round 5: Farmer starts out the round boxing and moving, then lands a couple of check hooks. Now Tennyson rushes Farmer to the ropes and throws a number of hard shots that Farmer is largely able to defend. Two uppercuts come from Tennyson. Now Farmer goes back down to the body, then lands a shot up to the head. Another body shot buckles Tennyson! Farmer doesn’t press him but then lands another shot downstairs that puts Tennyson back down! The referee waves it off! Farmer TKO-5.


Round 1: Khan Clary lands a jab over the top right away. Referee warns the fighters about stepping on each other’s lead foot. Short uppercut lands for Khan Clary. Referee calls a timeout to warn both fighters, particularly Galahad for continuing to step on Khan Clary’s lead foot. Khan Clary launches a flurry of punches that Galahad is largely able to evade. Another clean jab lands for Khan Clary. Right hook to the body lands for Galahad but Khan Clary responds with another flurry of punches. Now Galahad lands a couple good shots upstairs. I think Khan Clary won most of the round. Khan Clary 10-9.

Round 2: Galahad presses Khan Clary to the ropes and both fighters trade shots. Now Khan Clary comes forward again with a number of punches after pivoting back to center ring. Galahad gets warned for using his forearm on Khan Clary’s head. Sharop jab lands for Khan Clary. Lead left straight partially lands for Khan Clary. Now Galahad lands a jab. Referee warns that he’s going to start taking points if the fighters don’t keep it clean. Left hand lands over the top for Khan Clary, then a hard jab. Galahad continues to come forward but I think Khan Clary takes this round too. Khan Clary 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Hard warning for Galahad for leading with his head. Sharp left hand to the body lands for Khan Clary. Khan Clary tries to follow up with a one-two but they fall short, but he follows it up with two body shots. Galahad presses Khan Clary to the ropes and tries a left hook. Now Galahad lands a right hand to the body. Two jabs come from Khan Clary but they miss. Counter left lands for Khan Clary following a Galahad jab. Now Galahad lands two body shots in succession. Left partially lands just before the bell. I don’t know, I just like Khan Clary’s work a little better. Khan Clary 10-9.

Round 4: Khan Clary tries a big left to the body but it misses. Now Galahad lands a right straight to Khan Clary’s body. Nice left hand lands over the rop for Khan Clary. Galahad throws three in return but Khan Clary mostly blocked them with his gloves. Right hook from the southpaw stance lands for Galahad. Galahad walks Khan Clary to the ropes and strafes him with a couple shots, then an elbow. Jab to the body lands for Galahad. Khan Clary sneaks in a good left hand to the body. Another jab lands for Galahad from the southpaw stance. Much better round for Galahad, I think. Galahad 10-9, 37-39.

Round 5: Both fighters take turns leading with their jabs but neither land. Galahad goes back down to the body with a straight right hand. Another solid body shot lands for Galahad. Khan Clary is giving up a lot of ground, which I don’t mind, but if he’s going to let Galahad keep leading and landing then this fight could get away from him. Khan Clary lands a body shot, Galahad lands three in return. Galahad consistently switches his stance from orthodox to southpaw which is giving Khan Clary a difficult picture. Galahad 10-9.

Round 6: Freddie Roach tells Khan Clary that he has to throw more punches. Khan Clary takes the advice and leads the round with a number of punches. Left hand lead lands for Khan Clary upstairs. Jab lands for Galahad. Now Khan Clary lands a good jab himself. Khan Clary is picking up his pace again and it’s benefiting him. Khan Clary gets warned for holding Galahad behind the head and trying to hit him with the other. Hard straight left hand lands for Khan Clary again! Nice uppercut to the body lands for Khan Clary as a counter. I think Khan Clary takes this round. Khan Clary 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Both fighers come to center ring and get into a wrestling match. After a break Khan Clary rattles off a series of punches. Another hard warning to Galahad with the referee saying he’ll take a point next time. Hard left to the body lands for Khan Clary, then a jab shortly after. Jab to the body lands for Khan Clary. Now both fighters trade body shots. Khan Clary rushes in with three punches that Galahad pulls away from. Nice body shot lands on the inside for Khan Clary. Now Khan Clary throws a flurry just before the bell. Khan Clary 10-9.

Round 8: Referee calls a timeout immediately to cut loose tape on Khan Clary’s glove. Hard left hand lands to the body for Khan Clary. Khan Clary comes in again with a series of punches with some partially landing. Khan Clary comes in again with several punches, landing one to the body. Now Galahad lands a clean body shot. Now an uppercut to the body lands for Galahad. Khan Clary has been the one forcing the action for the past couple of rounds, getting much more aggressive after a talk from trainer Freddie Roach. Another combination comes from Khan Clary. Khan Clary 10-9, 78-74.

Round 9: Khan Clary comes forward with a couple shots but they don’t land clean. Now Khan Clary follows up with two more shots and gets in the body shot. Khan Clary is throwing a lot more combination punches than Galahad in the past couple of rounds. Galahad lands two good body shots once he gets Khan Clary to the ropes. Another good body shot lands for Galahad. Overhand left lands for Khan Clary as Galahad lands a jab. Galahad picking it up and backing Khan Clary back again. Khan Clary hits the deck on a slip. I think Galahad just edged this round with some clean body shots. Galahad 10-9.

Round 10: Another timeout is called to clean up some loose tape on Khan Clary’s glove. Both fighters trade shots at center ring. Galahad runs right after Khan Clary as he senses him wanting to take a breather. Nice uppercut lands for Galahad on the inside, followed by a good right hook to the body. Another hook to the body lands for Galahad as Khan Clary is keeping his hands home. Now a hard left to the body lands for Khan Clary. A couple more body shots land for Galahad. Galahad 10-9, 94-96.

Round 11: Khan Clary presses forward but misses on a jab. Galahad lands a left to the body from the southpaw stance. Galahad walks forward with a combination as Khan Clary isn’t throwing much right now. Body shots land for Galahad as Khan Clary tries to tie up. Hard left to the body lands for Khan Clary but Galahad comes back with more body shots. Khan Clary throws a flurry and catches Galahad upstairs. Right hand to the body lands for Galahad from the orthodox stance. Four more punches come from Galahad. I think Galahad outworked Khan Clary in this one. Galahad 10-9.

Round 12: Lead hook upstiars land for Khan Clary, but Galahad jumps on him with a flurry that puts Khan Clary in the corner. Galahad landing to the body with a couple more shots. Khan Clary doubles up on the jab to the head. Jab lands for Khan Clary but Galahad comes right back forward. One-two lands for Galahad on the inside. Galahad 10-9. I’ve got the fighters splitting 12 rounds, a 114-114 draw.

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