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Andrade: Canelo has to fight me

Demetrius Andrade talks about some big potential fights for him now that he has a world title.

In this post-fight press conference following his WBO title win this past weekend, Demetrius Andrade and promoter Eddie Hearn talk about some big fights on the horizon.

Hearn on if Golovkin will more inclined to come to DAZN now that his proposed fight with Murata is out of play:

“I said that if you wanna fight Canelo, you wanna fight the middleweight world champions, you have to be with DAZN. But that’s the truth. You know, if you wanna fight Canelo, you have to be on DAZN. Whether that’s fighting Canelo on DAZN or fighting on DAZN previously. We’ve got an 11-fight deal with Canelo, so there is no way he will not fight Demetrius Andrade in those 11 fights. He has to! ‘Cause he’s gonna run outta guys. But he has to keep winning as well.

“As far as Golovkin’s concerned, I can’t tell you what decision he’s gonna make. But I know Demetrius would love a fight with Golovkin as well, and that would be an opportunity for Golovkin to win a world title so...

Andrade interjecting on the Golovkin topic:

“He ain’t gonna have the opportunity to win a world title ‘cause I’ma whoop his ass!”

Andrade if he’s like the equivelent to a professional franchise in Rhode Island:

“Yeah, that’s what pretty much I was saying. New England, you know? There’s other sports teams out here and if I can make Boston and Rhode Island, of course, ‘cause it’s TD [Garden] and you got Dunkin’ Donuts Center — those are my two playing fields — you know, it would be great because I think we can bring a lot of people to the city because Boston is a real great city to be in and Rhode Island, of course.”

Andrade on previously saying Canelo ducked him at 154 and if he thinks he’ll face him now that they’re both at 160:

“Like Eddie said, he has to fight me if he’s gonna be with DAZN for, what was it, five years, 11 fights, or something like that. I mean, come on now. Eddie gotta do his job, I gotta do my job, and that’s win...”

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