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Charlo-Monroe: Opening Press Conference

Jermall Charlo takes on Willie Monroe while twin brother Jermell Charlo takes on Tony Harrison on Dec. 22.

With the coin-flip for headlining rights all taken care of, Jermall Charlo (27-0, 21 KO) and Willie Monroe Jr. (23-3, 6 KO) kicked off their opening press conference for their Dec. 22 fight on FOX. Junior middleweight titleholder Jermell Charlo (31-0, 15 KO) will also be taking on Tony Harrison (27-2, 21 KO) as the card’s chief support. You can watch the full presser above, courtesy of Fight Hub TV.

Jermell, when speaking on his fight with Harrison offered these thoughts while at the podium:

“I’m super excited to be here in Brooklyn, on FOX for the first time. We gettin’ that check, cashing the check. The first check that PBC receiving from FOX, me and my brother got a taste of it. So, um, you know, we cannot be more excited than anything, and forget what the critics say, this gonna be a helluva fight, this gonna be a helluva card.

“We know Al Haymon, how they stack things, they gonna make the undercard dope, these two individuals [Jermall and Willie Monroe] are gonna come to fight. I’m glad to be fighting on the undercard — on the card, not really the undercard, nah. I hope they change they mind ‘cause I am the WBC champion...”

When it was Jermall’s turn to speak about his thoughts on his fight, he had this to say:

“[Monroe] talked it up on social media, I responded, we made it happen...First off, Lions Only Promotion, this is our first fight under our own banner, and I’m more happy that my twin brother stayed up countless nights working on Lions Only Promotion...

“Second off...Willie Monroe. Great fighter, been in there with a lot of people: Billy Joe Saunders — he tested positive for a banned substance. Who knows if that was the reason Willie lost that fight...He’s been in there with Golovkin, he’s been in there with top fighters that I actually wanna be in there with. So my third fight at middleweight, this the guy they chose for me to fight. This is the guy that I’m in front of, this the guy I’m gonna fight...Come December 22nd, I promise to deliver again, explosive — something that Willie Monroe is gonna remain with him for the rest of his life.”

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