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Charlos: If Eddie Hearn wants us he needs to make a big offer

The Charlo twins say they have no real intention of leaving Al Haymon.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this media scrum following their press event for their Dec. 22 card, the Charlo brothers discuss their career paths and if there are any barriers to doing big fights across platforms. The brother specifically respond to claims that big fights await them on DAZN. Check it out.

On Hearn saying that the Charlos need to come to DAZN to get fights with their champions:

“DAZN, it’s a dozen dummies!” Jermall stated. “Let ‘em do what they do. ‘Hearn get burned!’ Ya dig? It all sound the same. Don’t worry. Look, we gonna continue doing what we been doing...”

“Eddie Hearn on some Love & Hip-Hop shit,” Jermell chimed in. “He’s trying to get artists who are already done and washed-up...You see artists you don’t even see in a long time, you see them on Love & Hip-Hop, right?...How many Ls do some of [Hearn’s fighters] got? Do he really got some superior undefeated dogs?!”

“Al Haymon has been the absolute best to us!” Jermall interjected. “We would not go against what he’s done for us. Simple as that. If Hearn wants us he’s gonna have to give us a big offer. It’s gonna be a double’s gonna [have to be for] the Charlo twins...[Hearn made an offer] but it hasn’t been nothing!”

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