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Prograis vs Flanagan: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

The WBSS is back with two fights in the 140-pound division.


Tonight at 8 pm ET streaming live on DAZN, the World Boxing Super Series heads to New Orleans for a pair of fights in the junior welterweight division.

In the main event, Regis Prograis (22-0, 19 KO) defends the interim WBC title in his first round tournament matchup with former lightweight titleholder Terry Flanagan (33-1, 13 KO). Prograis has made a case for himself as the No. 1 fighter at 140 pounds with Terence Crawford now at 147, while Flanagan moved up to the division earlier this year and lost a decision to Maurice Hooker in a vacant title fight.

The co-feature will see Belarus’ Ivan Baranchyk (18-0, 11 KO) take on Sweden’s Anthony Yigit (21-0-1, 7 KO). Baranchyk has had more hype as a prospect on American soil, but Yigit has held the European title. This fight is also for the vacant IBF title, so there’s plenty on the line here.

Wil Esco will be on the call tonight. Join us!


  • REGIS PROGRAIS def. TERRY FLANAGAN by UD (119-108, 118-109, 117-110)
  • IVAN BARANCHYCK def. ANTHONY YIGIT by TKO (3:00 of Round 7)



Round 1: Flanagan comes out right away with a couple of hard feints. Prograis circles the coutside and looks for an angle to come in. Prograis throws a couple of jabs on the outside that Flanagan is able to parry. Two hard body shots lands for Prograis as Flanagan steps in! Jab lands this time for Prograis. Prograis throws two more jabs, landing the second. A few more flicking jabs come from Prograis who then turns on the defense with some fancy head movement to slip a few punches from Flanagan. Now Prograis lands a well-timed left hand. Prograis 10-9.

Round 2: Both fighters trade jabs a center ring, neither land clean. Now Prograis lands a stabbing jab to the body. Prograis throws several more jabs that are used more to disrupt Flanagan’s timing than anything. Flanagan is on the defensive in this round, keeping his hands home for defense for much of the round. Hard looping left hand lands for Prograis! Flanagan takes it well but probably doesn’t want to take many more of those. Prograis is just taking his time and picking his shots, not over exerting himself. Prograis 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Flanagan gets warned for holding behind the head. Prograis continues to jab at range to keep Flanagan guessing and on the defensive. Jab to the body lands again for Prograis. Counter uppercut just grazes Flanagan’s chin. Now another jab to the body lands for Prograis. Prograis lands another well-timed left on Flanagan. Jab upstairs snaps Flanagan’s head back. Now Prograis lands a straight left hand to the body. Prograis 10-9.

Round 4: Flanagan comes out with a quick jab but can’t find the mark. Prograis throws his jab to the body. Prograis is fighting in a very calm and deliberate manner. He’s not forcing any of his offense, just flicking jabs, making Flanagan react, and then looking for spots to follow it up with power punches. Two hard shots land well for Prograis. Now Flanagan lands a left hand of his own. It’s not enough, though. Prograis 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Flanagan falls short on his jab, Prograis lands his in return. Prograis tries a sweeping left hand that doesn’t quite land. Sharp jab lands for Prograis at center ring. Prograis starts pressing forward a little more now, sensing that Flanagan may be starting to slip. Counter left lands for Flanagan. Hard jab lands again for Prograis, snapping Flangan’s head. Hard left hand to the body lands for Prograis. Prograis 10-9.

Round 6: Two body shots land for Prograis at center ring. Prograis throw three more punches that graze Flanagan. Hard left land lead lands for Prograis. Jab comes from Prograis and finds Flangan’s nose. ANother jab lands fro Prograis, followed by a left hand. Left hand counter lands for Prograis, who is upping the aggression in this round. Two jabs land for Prograis. Prograis weaves two punches from Flangan and lands a counter to the body. Check right hook lands for Prograis as he walks Flanagan into a trap. Prograis 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Flanagan has a small cut over his left eye. Hard left hand counter lands to the body for Prograis! Jab lands for Prograis, who then flashes more fancy defensive maneuvers. Jab to the body lands for Prograis. Now Flanagan throws two jabs of his own and lands one. Three more jabs land for Prograis as he just peppers Flanagan from the outside. Prograis 10-9.

Round 8: Flanagan pops a few jabs but they’re mostly just for show. Prograis throws a number of jabs and then drops Flanagan with a hard left to the chin! Flangan beats the count but Prograis jumps on him and strafes him with a number of hard shots to the body and head! Flanagan manages to survive the moment but his left eye is bloody now. ANother left hand lands for Prograis, followed by another combination that knocks Flangan into the ropes! Flangan is in trouble! Flanagan throws two back but Prograis counters him with a jab. Prograis 10-8, 80-71.

Round 9: Prograis lands a left hand upstairs. Prograis goes back to snapping his jab on the outside to keep Flanagan occupied. Both fighters start fencing with their jabs but Prograis follows his up with a straight left that lands. Sharp jab lands for Prograis, who then lands an uppercut to the body. Prograis 10-9.

Round 10: Flanagan starts the round pumping his own jab, trying to take the play away from Prograis. Prograis lands a counter jab to the body. Flanagan lands a nice body shot at mid range. Flanagan lands a left upstairs. Hard counter left hand lands to the body for Prograis. Not much clean action in this round. I think Flanagan gets on the board here. Flanagan 10-9, 90-99.

Round 11: Prograis comes out with an aggressive posture in this round, stalking Flanagan and walking towards him with punches. Flanagan is letting Prograis lead now, trying to get his own counter opportunities and lands a couple shots. Three jabs come from Prograis, one partially lands. Jab lands for Prograis as he chases Flanagan around the ring. Prograis 10-9.

Round 12: Prograis lands a left to the body to start the round. Hard left upstairs stuns Flanagan momentarily! Now Prograis lands a clean jab. Prograis still looks really sharp and well-conditioned. Two jabs come from Prograis at center ring, then a third. Prograis lands another clean jab, then another — he’s having his way with that punch. Hard uppercut from Prograis lands right on Flangan’s chin and Flanagan barely budges! Clean left hand lands upstairs for Prograis, who has dominated Flanagan over the distance. Prograis 10-9, 119-108.


Round 1: Yigit leads with a straight left hand that lands on Baranchyk’s guard. Baranchyk ducks a hook from Yigit and then throws two hooks upstairs. Yigit tries to lead with two left hands again but with no success. Baranchyk pumps the jab a couple of times and backs Yigit up. Right hook to the body lands for Yigit. Now Baranchyk lands a couple of hard shots in return! Right hook from Baranchyk grazes Yigit. Left hand lead lands this time for Yigit. Two hooks to the body land for Baranchyk and I think Baranchyk landed the hardest punches of the round. Baranchyk 10-9.

Round 2: Yigit comes out with a straight left lead but gets caught back by a Baranchyk hook. Right hand lands for Baranchyk but Yigit gets in a sneaky uppercut in return. Now Baranchyk lands a solid uppercut himself and Yigit is sporting a black eye already. Three hard punches land for Baranchyk, snapping Yigit’s head around! Two hard body shots land for Baranchyk and Yigit tries to fight Baranchyk off with a hook upstairs. Left jab lands clean for Baranchyk, but Yigit rushes back in with a couple shots that momentarily put Baranchyk in the corner. Now Baranchyk comes back and lands a couple of hard hooks upstairs. Yigit might be starting to wilt under Baranchyk’s punching power. Baranchyk 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Yigit comes out quick with a one-two. Baranchyk lands a right hand but Yigit responds with a short flurry. Now Baranchyk comes back with some big hooks and Yigit taunts Baranchyk, telling him to come on! Both fighters trade punches and we’re in war! Yigit is getting off punches which is keeping Baranchyk’s hands at home. Baranchyk tries to swing for the fences with a right hook and misses big. Four punch combination comes from Baranchyk. Yigit comes back and throws another combination. Three punches on the inside partially land for Yigit. Yigit 10-9.

Round 4: Baranchyk misses badly with a wide right hook to start the round. Now Baranchyk lands a hard left hook to the body. Two more body shots land for Baranchyk at center ring. Two more body shots land clean for Baranchyk. Now Baranchyk lands a looping right hook and literally pushes Yigit into a corner, much to Yigit’s dismay. Yigit tries to rattle off a combination but it’s ineffective. Now Baranchyk responds with some hard shots that back Yigit off. Baranchyk 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Yigit’s left eye is starting to swell shut. Right hook lands for Baranchyk upstairs. Yigit sneaks in a couple of short shots in a clinch and then the referee calls a break. Uppercut lands for Baranchyk and Yigit is finding himself along the ropes more and more. Baranchyk gets a stern warning for punching during a break. Hard uppercut to the body lands for Baranchyk. Now Baranchyk tries an overhand right. Yigit tries to respond with a short flurry but he doesn’t have much on his punches. Referee calls a timeout to deal with some loose tape on Baranchyk’s glove. Back to the action and Yigit comes forward with a couple punches but also comes into harder shots for Baranchyk. Baranchyk 10-9.

Round 6: Yigit’s eye is worsesning and Baranchyk comes out and lands a punch that knocks Yigit across the ring! Baranchyk throws four punches as Yigit comes up. Yigit tries to rush in with a two punches but Baranchyk pulls away from the attack. Left hand knocks Yigit off balance again. Uppercut on the inside lands for Baranchyk! Baranchyk is mauling Yigit in the corner and Yigit’s eye is completely closed now! It looks bad! Left gook lands clean for Baranchyk upstairs. Baranchyk 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: Yigit is allowed to continue with his eye looking like it’s in awful condition. Another timeout is called to deal with tape coming loose on Baranchyk’s glove. Left hand lands for Yigit once we get back underway. Baranchyk comes forward with several punches and Yigit just has to cover up along the ropes. Three hard body punches land for Baranchyk on the inside. Now Yigit tries to shoe shine a combination to the body. Baranchyk gets a point deduction for pushing down on Yigit’s head. Hard combination comes from Baranchyk, who looks like he has a small cut over his right eye. Hard left hand lands on the back of Yigit’s head as he nearly turns away from Baranchyk and it knocks him off balance. Baranchyk 9-9.

The fight is stopped right after the round because of Yigit’s eye. Baranchyk TKO-7.

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