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Jacobs: If there’s any personal fight I want, it’s Jermall Charlo

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Daniel Jacobs says he still wants a fight with Jermall Charlo, but understands he has other obligations at the moment.

During the post-fight press conference following Daniel Jacobs’ IBF title win over Sergey Derevyanchenko, Jacobs gets asked about what fight he would like next, including a potential one with Jermall Charlo as the two have has a running feud for a little while now.

Jacobs on if he would fight Charlo if the opportunity came about:

“I mean, hey, listen, if that’s something that the fans want — ‘cause I’ve always been vocal about wanting to fight Jermall and this feud we’re having is being built. He’s fighting Willie Monroe his next fight so he has obligations right now.

“We can’t say anything because that victory is not promised or assured. So he has to look good and hopefully if he gets that victory we can talk about that in the near future but — you know I want that fight. That’s a fight that we want and that’s a fight that has been brewing for some time now. So if there’s any personal fight I want, yeah, it’s that fight. But we also have a management, we also have a promotion that’s gonna get us the bigger and better fights that make sense for my career.”