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Hearn expects Khan-Brook in March, but says rehydration demand could be a dealbreaker

Eddie Hearn talks about his upcoming plans for Amir Khan vs. Kell Brook.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview caught by Fight Hub TV, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn discusses few tidbits of his upcoming plans, including the status of an Amir Khan vs. Kell Brook fight. Check out some excerpts below...

Hearn on Khan-Brook:

“Look, we all know we want the Khan fight, and I do believe that fight’s gonna happen around March time. But Kell has only boxed once, and that was in March, so this is really like an elongated training camp where it’s like — to make 147lbs, you’ve gotta keep Kell Brook in the gym. So he plan is to have this fight on December 8th and not leave the gym til March!

“This [Dec. 8] fight will be at 154, but I expect Kell to come in about 151, 152 for this fight. His opponent wants to come in at 154, that’s fine, but I would like to see Kell come in a little bit lighter for this fight. But, really, one of Kell’s biggest problems in his career is he’d have a fight and then he’s 13 stone before you even know it, which is 182lbs.

“So now the plan is to have this fight, have a couple of days off, straight back to the gym and make sure he can make 147 in the best way possible for Amir Khan in March.”

On Khan wanting a rehydration clause:

“The rehydration clause may be a deal breaker...Kell has said openly ‘I will take the fight at 147.’..I really believe the Khan fight’s gonna happen in March. We’re trying to have talks over the next couple of weeks to close that off, let Kell get the win, look good on Dec. 8th, and finally we’ll get the fans that British fans have wanted for so long.”

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