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Fury: I’m a freak of nature! I defy every law of gravity!

Tyson Fury explains why we’ll never seen another heavyweight like him.

In an interview with our buddy Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV, Tyson Fury talks a bit about his expectations for the upcoming showdown with Deontay Wilder and what he makes of Joshua not going against Wilder instead. Check it out...

Tyson Fury on if he can be the same fighter who beat Wladimir Klitschko:

“Well it’s funny that you should say that, ‘could I be the same Fury that won the Klitschko fight?’ And the answer to that question is no, because that was three years ago and I’m a different Tyson Fury today. That person is gone forever. I look forward to the future, not the past. So I’m gonna go in there, I’m gonna do me best, I’m gonna be the best ever Tyson Fury. I’m coming into this fight active and on a roll. And I’m gonna win this fight, because I told you so!”

On his movement being unusual for the heavyweight division:

“You know why you’ll never see a heavyweight do it? ‘Cause I ain’t a normal heavyweight. I’m a freak of nature! I defy every law of gravity! That’s why you’ll never see it ever again. There will never be somebody like me, who moves and boxes and does everything I do because it doesn’t exist. It’s not possible.

“[The speed is back!], it never left! Didn’t go anywhere!”

On saying he sees quit in Deontay Wilder’s eyes:

“I know he’s got quit in him. I can look into a man’s eyes and tell you if I see fear. And I see fear in him...I can tell you he’s yellow inside and he will quit. I’ve seen him do it before in the amateurs. Don’t forget Deontay Wilder was knocked out clean against Russia vs. USA by a little short fat guy. I ain’t short and I ain’t fat. And I’m gonna knock him out! So if that lil’ guy can knock him out I’ll definitely knock him out.”

On how he predicts he’ll KO Wilder:

“I punch him in the face and he falls over! And that’s how we do knockouts!”

On if his biggest challenge in this fight is avoiding Wilder’s power:

“The power is one thing but maintaining that power and putting it into action and delivering that — I don’t think he has the boxing IQ to deliver that power on such a slick boxer like meself.”

On what goes through his mind when he sees the other heavyweight titleholders, knowing that he still holds the lineal title:

“...When they go home at night they look in the mirror and they say ‘I ain’t the man until I beat the man.’ And everybody in boxing knows that to be the heavyweight champion of the world you’ve gotta beat Tyson Fury. And until that day you can never call yourself heavyweight champion of the world. You may hold a belt of some sort, you may hold a title, but to ever be considered the best of our era they gotta beat me! And I hold my hand up to Deontay Wilder for taking this tough challenge.”

On why he thinks Wilder took a fight against him and not Anthony Joshua:

“Because I think he wants to fight anybody, he wants to be the best. He wants to prove he’s the best of his era. And I salute him for that and admire him for it because we all wanna be the best, everybody wants to be the best, and he knows he’s gotta come through me first to be the best.”

On what he thinks of Joshua not making the fight with Wilder:

“I think he’s a puto!”

On Eddie Hearn says the winner between him and Wilder will be offered the April fight against Joshua:

“I don’t care anything they’re doing. They’re just hot air at the moment for us. The two best heavyweights in the world are here today, in Los Angeles. We’re gonna put on a great fight. I’m not looking past that fight, I’m looking forward to that fight.”

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