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Judge dismisses lawsuit against ring doctor in Abdusalamov case

The judge ruled that Dr. Gerard Varlotta did not deviate from accepted medical practice.

Mike Perez vs. Magomed Abdusalamov
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Dr. Gerard Varlotta, a ringside physician who examined Magomed Abdusalamov after his 2013 fight with Mike Perez, has had a pending lawsuit against him dismissed. Judge Debra Silber ruled in favor of Varlotta — who requested a summary judgement in the case — stating that he “did not deviate from accepted medical practice and that any alleged deviation was not the proximate cause of Abdusalamov’s injuries.”

Abdusalamov suffered a serious brain bleed in that 2013 fight, one that has left him with permanent brain damage, but it was not picked up by the physicians who examined him after the bout. In fact, despite Abdusalamov’s team stating that they notified the doctor about his head hurting after the fight, he was released to leave on his own accord while there were ambulances on-site and available for use.

Yet right before Abdusalamov left the dressing room a fight inspector noticed blood in his urine sample and suggested that he visit a hospital immediately. Shortly after Abdusalamov was caught on surveillance footage throwing up on a sidewalk right outside the venue as he tried to hail a taxi. Once he got to the hospital his brain bleed was revealed and he underwent emergency surgery. Abdusalamov would suffer multiple strokes and was placed in a medically induced coma for weeks and is still paralyzed on his right side, largely incapable of communicating.

Following a 32-month investigation into the matter the NY State Athletic Commission was ripped by a New York Inspector General for their completely botched method of handling the situation. Abdusalamov’s family, who had incurred an unthinkable tally of medical bills stemming from the brain injury, were eventually awarded a $22 million settlement from the state of New York.

The Abdusalamov family plans to appeal the decision to dismiss the case against Varlotta while they maintain pending lawsuits against two more ring doctors, Anthony Curreri and Osric King, whom did not request a summary judgement.

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