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Jarrell Miller crushes Tomasz Adamek in 2!

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Miller did as expected and pounded an aged and overmatched opponent.


Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller did what he needed to tonight on DAZN, literally crushing 41-year-old Tomasz Adamek in only two rounds.

Miller entered this fight a whole person bigger than Adamek in this fight, and used his 90+ pound weight advantage to steamroll the smaller and much older fighter. Adamek essentially posed as much resistance as a speed bump poses to monster truck. Miller showed no respect for any damage Adamek might do to him — because he couldn’t do any — and threw flurry after flurry until an uppercut put Adamek on the canvas.

Adamek got to his feet just as the 10 count was called out, and it was too little too late. The fight was over at an official time of 0:51 of Round 2.

In the post-fight interview Miller (22-0-1, 19 KOs) said he absolutely earned a fight against reigning titleholder Anthony Joshua and that’s a fight he’ll continue to look forward to, being that he has a grudge against the champion.