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Gervonta Davis on ‘#FreeTank’ crusade

Gervonta Davis’ fans are tired of him not fighting, and apparently so is he.

Adrien Broner v Jessie Vargas Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

This past week saw the political arena and the action in the peanut gallery kick into ultra high gear.

The Senate hearings and the protests aimed at the nomination of a controversial SCOTUS pick had Amercians in a tizzy. Some folks who’d steered free of the news have found themselves dipping their toes into these waters, and some activists are being born in this age of tumult. And we’re seeing some in the boxing realm, too.

On Sunday, #FreeTank was trending; that refers to the desire on the part of Gervonta Davis fans to see the fighting pride of Baltimore be busier.

Davis, who is 23, holds a 20-0 (19 KO) mark. He’s gloved up just once in 2018, and is miffed at Mayweather Promotions for not getting him more bouts.

So miffed that he’s lobbying for Eddie Hearn to use some DAZN money and invite him to fight on a DAZN card, in a co-promotion with Floyd.

Mayweather, meanwhile, seems to be busy fitting on his fighting cap again, possibly.

One wonders if this squeaky wheel will get the oil, or Floyd will continue to — well, whatever the plan for Davis, holder of the WBA world super feather crown, is.

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