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Errol Spence explains why he’s fighting Mikey Garcia

Spence says Garcia was the biggest fight offered to him.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During yesterday’s press conference where a slew of PBC fights were announced, media members got the opportunity to ask questions the fighters about their fights, starting with welterweight titleholder Errol Spence being questioned about why he’s facing Mikey Garcia when there are other credible welterweight opponents out there for him.

“Well, I mean that’s the fight that’s been offered to me,” Spence said. “I think that’s a big fight in Dallas. And with Shawn Porter, I thought that fight was gonna happen, it somehow fell out. And, um, with Keith Thurman, he’s gonna stay injured as long as I keep winning so...[shrugs]. I mean, I don’t think me and him are ever gonna fight. If he mess around and retire I’ll get that WBC belt. [Shawn Porter actually holds the WBC title].”

Keith Thurman on his thoughts on Spence-Garcia:

“Well, first off, each one of these fights [Garcia, Porter, and himself] is a great fight for Errol Spence. Okay. So, outside of that I don’t know what happened with the negotiation with Shawn, but obviously when I’m healthy and I’m ready — from the beginning, when I stepped on the scene I said I wanted this belt, I said I wanted that belt, I told you guys I wanna grab all the belts. So I’m still on a mission but my health comes first.

“In boxing there are times where what you want today, you’re not gonna get today. But you can still look forward to tomorrow. Luckily today, I think [Spence-Garcia] is a tremendous fight that’s gonna happen, I think this is a big opportunity for all of us in working with FOX, and I truly look forward to that up and coming fight. I look forward to getting back into the ring and establishing myself as the #1 welterweight champion of the world, getting [the WBC belt back] and then negotiating for that big fight with Errol Spence — the one he thinks he’ll never get. I’m not Floyd Mayweather, son.”

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