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Errol Spence expects to destroy Mikey Garcia

Spence talks about his upcoming PPV fight.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, IBF welterweight titleholder Errol Spence answers questions about being on the brink of stardom, expecting to destroy Mikey Garcia, and his thoughts on Terence Crawford’s most recent stoppage. Check it out...

Spence on if he feels like he’s on the brink of becoming PBC’s breakout star:

“Definitely. Especially if I destroy Mikey Garcia the way I plan on beating him, you know, I definitely become that breakout star and that superstar...I feel like this year should be a great year for me. After I get rid of Mikey and fight Shawn [Porter] and then hopefully fight Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, I think I’ll be, basically, you know, that guy.”

On why he believes he’ll destroy Mikey Garcia:

“I mean I really feel that with every fighter, you know, I just don’t say nothing...I’ve been a little bit more out there but I feel that with every fight. A lot of times I just say ‘It’s gonna be a good, one-sided fight.’ That’s my answer to everything. I just feel that way [that I’ll destroy him]. In my head I’m training like it’s a 50/50 fight. You know, that’s how I’m going into training camp, how I’m taking this fight, but I definitely wanna put on a great performance and it’s added motivation to beat him.”

On if he wonders what it is Mikey Garcia sees in him that encouraged him to take this chance:

“To tell you the truth, I really don’t care. My whole thing is it looks easy on the outside than it is looking in. So, I mean, if he feels like he sees something, good. You know, you took the fight, it’s gonna be a great event, and I’ma do what I have to do. I see a lot of things too so...”

On if he thinks the fight will really turn out to be one-sided:

“I don’t know, it just depends on how he takes my punch when he get hit by me.”

On if he’s keeping in mind that Garcia has been dropped by much smaller fighters than him:

“No. I feel like I can drop any fighter if I catch them flush. So, I mean it’s not on my mind. I’m not gonna train just because he’s been dropped. I’ma stick to my game plan, stick to what we got going, and if the punch comes where I drop him or hurt him then we gonna turn up on him.”

On what he made of Garcia saying he’s actually going to start doing ab work to prepare for this fight:

“I really don’t care...I take it all with a grain of salt. I don’t care if he does sit-ups, pushups, dips, anything. You know, when it comes fight time, if he gets hit flush to the body I see myself hurting him. I see myself hurting anybody so...”

On what he makes of Keith Thurman’s comeback fight against Josesito Lopez:

“I see that fight as a tune-up fight for him. He’s been off two years so he needs a tune-up fight so, hopefully he don’t get injured and hopefully he can put on a great, dominant performance and people put his name back in there, in the talks of the elite welterweights and he’ll be ready to fight me. He’ll gain a little bit more extra confidence and he’ll be ready to fight me.”

On his impression of Terence Crawford’s stoppage of Jose Benavidez:

“I mean it was a good knockout. He was getting caught a lot, he was getting hit a lot, and the guy he fought had a banged up knee. And if you look at the fight he couldn’t even go forward or he couldn’t really go backwards. He couldn’t really shuffle on it either. So, it was a good performance.”

On if he was impressed by Crawford’s stoppage:

“Nah, I wasn’t impressed. Nah...It was other things but I just wasn’t impressed. I feel like if he didn’t get that knockout in the 12th round a lot of people would’ve been questioning him. So he better be glad he got that knockout.”

On Crawford’s post-fight interview following that fight:

“He didn’t really say nothing after. He just said he wanna fight every welterweight...he didn’t say my name if he was referring to me...My thing is this: he didn’t say my name. Like, if you’re referring to me, say my name, don’t just refer to me. When I refer to fighters I say Shawn Porter, I say Keith Thurman, I say Danny Garcia — like when I got in the ring with Shawn Porter, I said his name and I said I wanna fight him. If you’re referring to somebody, say their name!”

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