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Brandon Rios stops Ramon Alvarez in action-packed fight

Rios and Alvarez traded shots for nine rounds until Alvarez finally wilted.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Brandon Rios got back in the win column tonight on DAZN, stopping Ramon Alvarez in a really fun fight which ended at 0:38 of Round 9.

Rios started out looking like shit, quite honestly, getting tagged by Alvarez at will and just eating punches as he walked-in without a care in the world. But by the second round Rios’ gift for eating punches while still coming forward seemed to start paying dividends, and once he got on the inside he just did what he does — work both hands to the head and body over and over.

Alvarez would mount a return assault on Rios but quickly had difficulty keeping up with the pace with which Rios likes to fight, and soon he was spending all of the rounds along the ropes just trying to fight Rios off of him. As the rounds wore on Rios would start landing more and more clean right hands to Alvarez’s head, but even Alvarez demonstrated a solid chin to take those shots.

But in the end of the 8th round Rios visibly stunned Alvarez with a number of clean punches where Alvarez appeared to be out on his feet. The bell rang which saved Alvarez momentarily, but in the very next round Rios jumped back on him and Alvarez was obviously not fully recovered.

With the win Rios (35-4-1, 26 KOs) moves on with his comeback campaign for a world title while Canelo’s older brother Ramon (27-7-3, 16 KOs) goes back to the drawing board.

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