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Nico Hernandez takes unanimous decision over Josue Morales

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Hernandez won tonight in front of his hometown fans, but it wasn’t a thrilling battle.


Prospect Nico Hernandez got the win tonight on DAZN, beating Josue Morales over 8 rounds of flyweight action. Hernandez was hoping to put on a show for his hometown fans — while also hoping to land a big time promoter — but the fight didn’t turn out to be as exciting as hoped. Hernandez was good enough to earn a unanimous decision, but there wasn’t nothing really electric in this performance.

Official scores had Hernandez winning on two cards of 80-72, and one 79-73. BLH scored the fight a shutout for Hernandez as well, 80-72.

Morales was a capable opponent but one who was mostly satisfied to play a defensively oriented fight that had him hiding behind a tight guard for most of the fight. In doing so he was able to keep from taking a lot of damage, but he didn’t allow himself the opportunity to land a lot of punches himself. Hernandez was then just content to throw and land his punches where he could, and that was enough to get a points victory.

With the win Hernandez runs his record to 6-0, 4 KOs while Morales falls to 8-8-3.