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Fury: Once I beat Wilder I won’t be fighting in England again

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Tyson Fury intends on becoming a PPV star in America. Good Luck.

Tyson Fury Media Workout Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

If all goes according to his plan, Tyson Fury will be making the U.S. his regular stomping grounds from now on. According to WBN, Fury says once he wins the WBC title from Wilder this weekend in Los Angeles, he’ll be fighting in America on a regular basis.

“After I win the WBC belt will be staying here. You won’t see me fighting in England again. You heard it here first,” he claimed.

“Once I beat Wilder I will be the next big pay-per-view star in America. It’s the land of opportunity,” Fury added.

Now this is an interesting claim for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if Fury were to win the WBC heavyweight title this weekend, there would be huge demand for a showdown with fellow countryman Anthony Joshua. That potential fight would almost assuredly be a much bigger deal in the England than Stateside.

Secondly, the prospect of becoming a PPV star in America is a tough one. I can count on one hand the number of legitimate PPV stars there are in the U.S. and the changing boxing landscape (straying away from the PPV platform) isn’t making it any easier.

Do any of you think Fury has a chance to become a bonafide PPV star? And would any of you care if he never fought in England again?