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Luis Ortiz’s trainer sees Wilder KOing Fury

Herman Caicedo gives his thoughts on Saturday’s main event.

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury - New York Press Conference Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Herman Caicedo worked ringside, and was as close as anyone besides the ref and his fighter, Luis Ortiz, and is thus intimately aware about the strengths and weaknesses of Deontay Wilder.

Wilder (40-0) bested Ortiz (29-1) when they tangoed on March 3 at Barclays Center. Ortiz staggered Wilder, who collected himself, fought on, and won via stoppage, in round ten (TKO).

The Cuban’s trainer Caicedo was asked recently how he thinks it will play out Saturday, when Wilder is tested by Brit cutie Tyson Fury. Does he think that power will speak loudly again, and that we will see the Alabama boxer KO the Traveller?

Caicedo, can Wilder KO Fury?

“Without a doubt,” said Caicedo, who is lusting after a rematch for Ortiz against Wilder.

“I think later in the fight. But a KO for sure,” the tutor told BLH. “Oh yeah, I still believe the only one who can beat Deontay is Luis. Hope we get another crack at it sooner than later.”

We chatted more. I noted that I didn’t think Wladimir Klitschko was in top form the night he fought Fury (November 2015), does Caicedo agree?

“For sure. But moreover, Klitschko was never the same after Emanuel Steward died. He regressed back to a punch-shy fighter. Afraid to be kayoed.”

I foresee Fury as not being AFRAID of being kayoed, but being quite aware that the distinct possibility exists. Thus, he will fight first and foremost with the intention of NOT BEING KAYOED. Defense will be his first aim, and so he won’t be in a “fan-friendly” mode of offense. It will be incumbent on Wilder, who is, actually, a more accurate puncher than you’d think. So says CompuBox; at 41% connect percentage, Wilder is the most accurate top level boxer in the game active today.

Wait, what? You see the windmills and wild misses, right? Nevertheless, I do think one of the grenades explodes on the Fury chin and we see a “timberrrrrr” moment Saturday, as Caicedo does. He can run, and dodge, and duck, and clinch and grab for only so long. Eventually, Fury tires, and he understands that the Seferis and the Pianetas gave him an over-inflated sense of self, where his skill set is.

I’m with Caicedo. I like Wilder to solve the Fury game-plan and drop and stop the big lad.

You? What is your prediction for Wilder vs Fury?

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