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Deontay Wilder erupts on reporter for questioning his comments

Newsflash: Wilder is still excitable.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Deontay Wilder wasn’t done once the final press conference was over. In this media scrum captured by Fight Hub TV, Wilder fields questions from reporters before flipping out on Radio Rahim about for trying to ‘bait’ him.

To put everything in context, Wilder and Fury got into an exchange during their face off where Wilder repeatedly yelled about his people, Black people, having fought for over 400 years and counting. Those comments really held no relevance to this impending fight, but race is always a hot topic.

So when Radio Rahim, a fellow Black man in America, asked Wilder to clarify what he meant by saying his people have fought for over 400 years, a disgusted Wilder screamed on him.

“Come on, man. Your people too!” Wilder shouted at Rahim. “You know what I’m talkin’ about! Ya’ll all know what I’m talkin’ about, man! Don’t sit up here and try to bait...Ya’ll know what the fuck I’m talkin’ bout when I say these things. Your people too!”

Rahim would continue to ask Wilder to explain what he meant which only pissed Wilder off more.

“I don’t gotta explain what’s understood, Radio Ra-him! I don’t have to explain what’s understood, man. You know what I mean by that!...I ain’t gotta go farther. And if anybody don’t understand that then God be with ‘em, go look up the history...Don’t everybody believe in Google? Go Google that shit, see what I’m talkin’ about! You know what I’m talkin’ about, man.”

Wilder then took off his glasses to look Rahim eye-to-eye, getting in his face.

“How dare you sit up there and say explain — you know what I’m talkin’ about, man. [Fury’s] fighting people. You know we been fighting 400 and still fighting to this day! TO THIS DAY! TO THIS DAY! You gonna sit here and say you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about?! Pfft, man I’m outta here, bro.”

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