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Berchelt vs Roman: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Miguel Berchelt meets Mickey Roman in tonight’s ESPN+ main event.

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Tonight at 9:30 pm ET streaming live on ESPN+, Miguel Berchelt puts his WBC super featherweight title on the line against mandatory challenger Mickey Roman in what promises to be an action-packed fight from El Paso, Texas.

Berchelt (34-1, 30 KO) is considered by many to be the No. 1 super featherweight in the world now that Vasiliy Lomachenko has left the division. He won the WBC title in Jan. 2017 from Francisco Vargas, and has defended successfully against Takashi Miura, Maxwell Awuku, and Jonathan Barros.

Roman (60-12, 47 KO) is a rugged battler, a fringe contender in all reality, but one who always comes to fight and can be very dangerous. He was outclassed a bit by Miura in Jan. 2017 on the Vargas-Berchelt card, but bounced back to upset Orlando Salido in Dec. 2017. He’s won a pair of fights since then.

The co-feature will see Miguel Marriaga (26-3, 22 KO) return to action against Jose Estrella (20-14-1, 14 KO). Wil Esco will be on the call this evening. Join us!


  • MIGUEL BERCHELT def. MICKEY ROMAN by TKO (2:58 of Round 9)
  • MIGUEL MARRIAGA def. JOSE ESTRELLA by KO (2:43 of Round 4)



Round 1: Berchelt comes out and meets Roman right in his corner and starts to apply pressure immediately. Berchelt throw three punches and lands one of them well. Roman tries to attack the body but Berchelt throws right back and gets in a hard right hook to the body. Looping right hand partially lands for Roman. Now Berchelt lands two clean punch punches upstairs. Berchelt tries to follow that up with another combination that Roman tries to duck. Hard right hand lands for Roman and the crowd erupts. Two hard left hooks land to the body and head of Roman. Now Roman is stalking as Berchelt tries to move laterally around the ring. Berchelt 10-9.

Round 2: Berchelt throws five punches that partially land. Roman walks forward but walks into another left hook to the body. Roman is stalking Berchelt around the ring and rushes him with several punches that don’t land well. Berchelt backs Roman off with a left hook but Roman comes right back with a right hand that comes over the top. Roman is tagging Berchelt and Berchelt finds a moment to throw back. Roman gets warned for holding Berchelt behind the head and hitting. Roman comes forward again and lands a right hand to the body. The fans are cheering ‘Mickey, Mickey!’ This is a fun fight already! Berchelt jumps back and Berchelt lands a right hand, followed by a left hook. Two jabs land for Roman just before the bell and Berchelt tries to respond. Wow, what a round! I think I’m just going to edge it to Roman but it’s a coin flip. Roman 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Roman falls short with a jab to start the round. Berchelt throws three more punches but can’t land them clean. Hard right hook followed by a left hook to the body lands for Berchelt. Roman is still coming forward and looking to get inside, and then he lands another overhand right on Berchelt. Berchelt is having real trouble defending that shot. Berchelt tries to circle the ring so he can catch his breath. Berchelt finally stops and Roman lands a hard right hand. Now a hard left hook from Berchelt stuns Roman! Then another! Roman is on shaky legs but won’t go down! Berchelt smells blood and is trying to finish Roman. Roman starts throwing to keep Berchelt off of him but Roman takes another couple shots to end the round. That Roman even made it out of this round is amazing. Berchelt 10-9.

Round 4: If there’s any doubt, this is a pro-Roman crowd. Roman comes out and presses forward, looking to land an uppercut. Roman tries to time another overhand right but misses it this time. Berchelt rattles off three punches, landing the final uppercut. Roman gets Berchelt to the ropes and throws two body shots but Berchelt gets out of ther and looks for counter opportunities. Two more hooks land clean for Berchelt, followed by a left hook to the body. Three more punches come from Berchelt to end the round. Berchelt 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Berchelt has a small cut over his left eye. Three punch combination comes from Berchelt but they don’t land clean. Berchelt goes for the hook to the body again and makes contact. Jab comes from Berchelt at center ring, Roman continues to press forward anyway. Left hook lands clean for Roman upstairs. Three more punches land for Berchelt as Roman consistently walks forward. Hard left hook lands for Berchelt to the body. Roman is really making this a fight, but I just think he’s losing the rounds. Two more hard hooks to the body land for Berchelt. Roman continues to walk in, trying to make a scrap of it. Berchelt 10-9.

Round 6: Roman comes out with a few jabs but Berchelt responds with some counter hooks. Roman comes right back in and lands a short left hand to the head. Roman goes back to the jab at center ring and then tries to land some follow up hooks. Long flurry comes from Berchelt! Now Roman gets back in his chest and sneaks in a left hook to the head. Roman looks like he’s a little wobbly again following another hook upstairs. Hard left hook to the body lands for Berchelt. Berchelt continues to throw more body shots until Roman crumbles to the canvas. Roman beats the 10-count and Berchelt rushes him. dropping him again with a right hook to the head. Roman beats the count again! Berchelt 10-7, 59-53.

Round 7: Berchelt lands a hard left hook to the body straight away! Roman is back along the ropes and is trying to hold onto Berchelt to get some time to recover. Two left hooks lands upstairs for Berchelt and Roman is stunned again. Roman looks like he’s about done here, to be honest. Roman is showing tons of heart but he’s in bad shape. Roman is just trying to survive for most of this round and is doing a pretty good job of it. More combination punches come from Berchelt to end the round. This should be called off. Berchelt 10-9.

Round 8: Berchelt sneaks in a right hand to the body of Roman. Roman jumps in with a number of punches as he looks to make a final stand, but left hook from Berchelt stuns Roman again! Roman manages to keep his footing but he’s taking a lot of shots. Berchelt lands a few more clean shots that backs Roman off. Roman is taking a lot of punishment! Hard right hand lands to the body for Berchelt. Now a right hand lead lands for Berchelt, as Roman has nothing left but a big heart. Three more punches lands for Berchelt to end the round. What more do we need to see?! Berchelt 10-9, 79-71.

Round 9: Roman’s corner is going to send him back out there, which is a decision I don’t like. Roman is throwing punches on fumes and still coming forward, trying to win. Roman is just trying to strafe Berchelt along the ropes and he gets in a few good ones. Hard right hand lands for Berchelt to the head but Roman comes back with another combination. How Roman is even on his feet, never mind fighting, is astounding. Berchelt gets Roman again with another flurry and Roman hits the deck again. Roman gets up at the count of 7 and Berchelt jumps in to land another body shot. Roman is on the ropes but still trying to fight back. Roman is fighting back just enough to keep this fight continuing into dangerous territory. Another flurry from Berchelt with Roman on the ropes and the referee finally steps in to stop it! Berchelt TKO-9.


Round 1: Estrellla comes out and flicks a few jabs. Marriaga gets in a good left hook upstairs as Estrella tries another jab. Now Estrella tries a left hook that gets blocked, then follows up with a short combination that don’t land clean. Marriaga throws three jabs, lands one clean. Estrella lands a right hand to the body and then catches a right hand upstairs in return. Now Marriaga lands a right hand lead but has fought at a pretty slow pace in this round. Estrella sticks a jab to the body and then swarms Marriaga to avoid the counter. I think Estrella just edged this round on activity. Estrella 10-9.

Round 2: Estrella lands two body shots and then goes upstairs but has a hook caught on the gloves. Three punch combination comes from Estrella but not much lands effectively. Estrella comes back with a lead right hand to the body and then circles the outside of the ring, looking for another opening. Marriaga tries a one-two but falls short on both punches. Hard body shots land for Marriaga now, as he gets Estrella in range. Clean jab lands for Marriaga, followed bu an uppercut to the body shortly after. Short uppercut lands for Marriaga to end the bell. Marriaga 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Estrella gets on the inside and lands two hooks to the body. Estrella tries to do it again but Marriaga meets him with hooks of his own this time. Now Marriaga lands a hard left hook to the body that gets Estrella’s attention. Three hard shots come from Marriaga that back Estrella to the ropes. Estrella tries three of his own and lands a shot to the body. Hard left hook from Marriaga lands clean and puts Estrella down! Estrella gets up at the count of 8 and Marriaga takes his time and looks for another big hook to land. Marriaga unloads a flurry with Estrella on the ropes! Estrella manages to pivot out and fire back at Marriaga but he’s taking some damage. Marriaga 10-8.

Round 4: Marriaga comes out with three hard shots right away. Estrella responds with three punches but takes another body punch from Marriaga for his trouble. Hard right hand from Marriaga pushes Estrella back and he catches a hard left hook to the body. Now Estrella lands a hard jab that splits Marriaga’s guard. Marriaga continues to stalk Estrella around the ring and he lands another hard combination with Estrella back on the ropes. Now a big liver shot puts Estrella down hard! He’s rolling around the mat in agonizing pain. It’s over. Marriaga KO-4.

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