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Regis Prograis wants Crawford after WBSS

Prograis is willing to move to 147 for the fight.

Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME

I want the big fights. You want the big fights.

Seems like the fighters want the big fights.

The promoters, they sometimes want the big fights a bit later than the rest of us.

Marination is the name of the game, with the end aim being growing the pot, making us salivate, wait, and the pay grade inflate.

So, in the meanwhile, while we (im)patiently await the various marination stations to reach fruition, with Wilder vs Joshua, Spence vs Crawford, being cans kicked down the road, here’s one that I think could end up happening sooner rather than later, because, I believe, Regis Prograis is more willing to set his legacy and try to blow up his profile by taking on a step-up fight, like one versus Bud Crawford.

The Louisiana native talked to “At the Fights with Randy Gordon and Gerry Cooney” on Friday night, and here’s how the 23-0 boxer, fresh off a last weekend win over Terry Flanagan, in an effort that was roundly applauded by fans and pundits alike, responded to being asked if he’d fight Terence Crawford at a catchweight

”I think so. Not even a catchweight; I’d go up to 147. After this tournament, if that fight is out there. Me and Terence are real cool but business is business,” said the boxer who owns 19 KOs.

”I’ve been calling out Terence Crawford for the longest,” the 29-year-old, handled by Lou DiBella, continued. “I always did want to fight Terence Crawford. I want to fight the best people and in my eyes Terence Crawford is one of the best pound-for-pound on the planet. I feel like I could be in that list if I have a fight with Terence Crawford and beat someone like Crawford.”

And he offered up another possible foe down the near line…

”I think I still have some unfinished business with Jose Ramirez, too, after the tournament is over, if he’s still around.”

Talk to me, friends; how would Crawford vs Prograis unfold?

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