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Mayweather talks decision to fight in Japan on New Year’s Eve

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Floyd say his relationship with Rizin won’t stop with this fight alone.

During the press event announcing his upcoming fight against a Japanese kickboxer, Floyd Mayweather spoke a little about the decision and his intention to continue working with the Rizin MMA federation into the future.

“[Japan] is such a great place, so many beautiful people. It’s a place I like to come to. This is not my first time in Tokyo, Japan. I think now it’s somewhere upwards 8 or 10 times I’ve been to Tokyo. I look forward to coming back more often.

“I love that I was able to get with two heavy hitters from my team, two great people from my team, and we was able to come together to make this event happen, and I couldn’t choose a better company than Rizin.

“Rizin has done a remarkable job with the fighters. I look forward to giving you guys entertainment come December 31st, but, you know, my relationship with Rizin doesn’t stop just here. I look forward to taking this worldwide.

“It wasn’t easy to make this happen, but we told the people anything is possible. So now we’re here and we wanna make sure that we give the people in Tokyo what they wanna see: blood, sweat, and tears.”