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Robert Garcia talks potential Spence, Lomachenko, and Crawford fights for Mikey

Robert Garcia gives his thoughts on some big fights out there for his younger brother.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, trainer Robert Garcia fields questions about his brother’s intentions to face Errol Spence as well as some other potential fights out there for him. Check it out...

Robert on what drives Mikey to want to jump up to face Spence when he’s largely avoided by other top welterweights:

“Mikey’s seen something that nobody else seen, probably. That’s probably what it is, you know. Until we get to training camp and until the fight’s official, then we’ll get to work and we’ll work on whatever game plan we’re gonna come up with. And right now, as of right now, I can tell you...I haven’t heard it from Mikey so I can’t say it’s official.”

On if Mikey deserves to be #1 pound for pound if he beats Spence:

“Definitely, but I guess it depends on who you ask. You know, a lot of people might still pick Lomachenko, a lot of people might still pick Crawford, or Canelo. I think those are the top four guys: Mikey, Canelo, Lomachenko, and Crawford. So it depends on who you as, I guess. That’s just the way boxing is...”

On if he thinks Mikey will continue to jump around weight divisions of if he’ll stay at 147 after Spence:

“He probably gonna be 160 after [laughs]. I don’t know. Knowing Mikey, fuck, maybe 154 before 60. I don’t know. I’m just kidding, man.

“I don’t think it will be anywhere more than 147...Even 147 I think is still a little too big for him. But he’s got the skills, he’s got the power, so he could compete well. I think that, for me, I would probably choose to keep him at 140 but he’s chosen to fight at 47, I think he’ll compete.”

On how their father feels about the potential Spence fight:

“Same thing. He could also say this is a fight we should’ve waited a little bit longer before now, there’s so many other fights at 135 or even 140 that Mikey can do but if that’s the fight that’s gonna happen then we’re gonna support him and train him to come out with a win.”

On fans also wanting a fight between Mikey and Lomachenko:

“I think that’s probably the fight that everybody would probably prefer seeing first, and I’ve talked to Top Rank about it, Bob Arum himself told me that’s a fight they want. Everybody at Top Rank wants that fight and so would I. That’s the fight that needs to happen and I think will happen. It should happen, hopefully by next year.”

On if Mikey opens talks with Top Rank how it will increase clamor for a fight against Terence Crawford:

“I talked to Crawford last Saturday about it too and I told him straight up, the way it is. You know, I was with Bob Arum earlier that day, everybody at Top Rank — nobody mentions Mikey vs. Crawford, the fight they wanna do is Mikey vs. Lomachenko. Lomachenko’s team, Top Rank, everybody wants Mikey vs. Lomachenko, nobody mentions Crawford.

“If Mikey ever fights Crawford it’ll probably be two years from now because I think Crawford’s gonna fight Mike Alvarado [Editor’s Note: *Puke*], then he might give Dulorme a rematch...that’s probably why Top Rank doesn’t even mention Crawford’s name. They mentioned Lomachenko and that’s the fight they want.”

On if he thinks Mikey knocks out Crawford:

“I definitely do. Crawford’s not, you know — he’s a great fighter, one of my favorites too...I love his skills, I love his attitude, I love the way he does in the ring, but I think Mikey does beat him.”

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