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Hearn: Showtime PPV model is going to flatline

Eddie Hearn believes the current pay-per-view model in America is too antiquated to carry on.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During another portion of Eddie Hearn’s recent media scrum, the British promoter fields questions from reporters about what he expects to see form DAZN in the coming year and where he’s at with trying to sign some other fighters. Check it out...

Hearn on if he thinks we’ll see Canelo-Golovkin 3:

“I believe so. You know, I think everybody wants that third fight. I think Canelo wants it, I think GGG wants it. DAZN certainly wants it, and that’s definitely a plan for 2019.”

On if he has any updates about trying to sign Mikey Garcia:

“No, I mean his brother’s here. I mean, I think the problem you’ve got at the moment — I mean when you look at Showtime, do Showtime have anything scheduled right now other than PPVs? You know, the answer is no. They’re talking about Fury-Wilder, then they’re talking about Broner-Pacquiao [and Spence-Garcia]...they have three planned PPVs with no free boxing.

“So if you’re subscribing to Showtime, what you gotta do, you’ve gotta pay 18 pound a month to watch three fights?! [Editor’s Note: None of those fights are available through your Showtime subscription]. I think what people are being told right now, who are interested in coming to DAZN is ‘Don’t worry, you can box on pay-per-view on Showtime.’ And over time they’ll realize that’s not gonna happen and if it does the numbers are gonna flatline and bottom out.”

On if he thinks PPV is dead:

“For many, many, many, many fighters, yeah. I think that unless you’re Floyd Mayweather, unless you’re Conor McGregor, unless you’re Canelo — who is no longer on PPV — then I think PPV is dead unless the price point changes. $84.99 — I mean our PPVs are $25 with [Anthony] Joshua. $85 is a lot of money, especially if you’ve got one in December, January, and February.

“At what point is the fight fan gonna turn around and go ‘I don’t know, it’s enough.’ You don’t mind a little one-off, you know, you get your friends around, you have your pizzas, you have your Tecates. But every month?! Because you’re gonna get to a level where fans are gonna say, I don’t know, ‘Garcia against Spence — great fight, but no. No! We’re not paying $90 for that fight!’ Pacquiao-Broner: ‘No!’ Wilder-Fury: [on the fence]. They’re not Canelo-Golovkin. They’re not Mayweather-Pacquiao. They’re not.”

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