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Arum: Anyone who thought Mayweather-Nasukawa was ever going to happen is a fool

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Bob Arum says he knew right away that the press conference announcing the event was B.S.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum fields a few questions about whether or not he thinks Timothy Bradley will come out of retirement to fight Amir Khan and his thoughts on the whole Mayweather-Nasukawa ordeal...

On Bradley going at Khan on social media and if he thinks he’d come back for that fight:

“No, I don’t think Bradley is interested in coming back. He has a great gig with ESPN as an announcer but I can’t speak for Tim. I mean, I know him very well now because we spend every other weekend together when he’s announcing the fights...I don’t think he would come back but I don’t know.”

On Floyd Mayweather pulling out of the announced fight against Tenshin Nasukawa:

“Anybody who believed what came out of that press conference is a damn fool! Mayweather probably got paid money to be at that press conference. He had no intention of doing a fight with a guy half his size who’s a kickboxer. So I never took that seriously, particularly when they talked about doing the fight New Year’s Eve — the evening in Japan, it would be early morning New Year’s Eve in the United States. Four in the morning — do you think there’s any revenue to be made there? It was ridiculous. I knew right away it was all bullshit.

“Floyd, in my opinion, got some money from them, they never expected that he would fight. He got enough money that they could say whatever they wanted to say and he would go along while he was there. Good for Floyd, he grabbed the money. I don’t think it was under false pretenses. And haha, anybody who believed that that was a real fight that was gonna happen is an absolute fool!”