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Wilder vs Fury: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

All the talk is done. Now it’s time to fight.

Boxing at Windsor Park Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

All the hype is over with, all the talking is completed. Now it’s time for Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury to step into the ring, live tonight at 9 pm ET on Showtime pay-per-view.

Wilder (40-0, 39 KO) is defending his WBC heavyweight title against Fury (27-0, 19 KO), still seen by many as the lineal champion of the division, in one of the biggest heavyweight fights to happen in years, and one of the biggest fights of 2018.

Wilder is the slight favorite in the bout, at least according to the odds, but Fury is a bit of a wild card here, having not had a serious opponent in three years, since he beat Wladimir Klitschko in Germany.

The pay-per-view undercard will feature three bouts. In the main undercard attraction, Jarrett Hurd will defend his two junior middleweight titles against Jason Welborn. The other two fights are in the heavyweight division, with Luis Ortiz taking on Travis Kauffman and Joe Joyce facing Joe Hanks.

Wil Esco will be here for the round-by-round coverage. Join us for a huge night of boxing!


  • TYSON FURY and DEONTAY WILDER fight to Split Draw (115-111 Wilder, 114-110 Fury, 113-113)
  • JARRETT HURD def. JASON WELBORN by KO (1:55 of Round 4)
  • LUIS ORTIZ def. TRAVIS KAUFFMAN by TKO (1:58 of Round 10)
  • JOE JOYCE def. JOE HANKS by TKO (2:25 of Round 1)



Round 1: Wilder starts with a jab to the body. Fury shows jittery hands and a lot of feints. Wilder jabs to the body again. A third jab to the body comes from Wilder, then a right hand, then a windmill! Fury seems a little skittish to me. Wilder throws three punches but can’t land them clean. Fury lands a jab, then another. Wilder tries another wild right and missed, but then nearly gets in a left hook. Wilder looks to land another monster right and Fury gets in a couple of counters. I think Fury steals that round. Fury 10-9.

Round 2: Wilder falls short on a jab to start the round. Fury feints, moves his hands, then moves his feet as he steps off the line. Jab partially lands for Fury. Now Wilder comes back with two of his own jabs. Wilder tries two hooks that Fury guards and Fury responds with two that Wilder defends. Fury showboats a little and then flicks two jabs. Fury lands a body shot on the inside. Wilder rushes in and tries to get in some big shots but Fury ties him up. Huge right hand from Wilder grazes Fury at the bell. I think Fury is outboxing Wilder. Fury 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Fury flicks a jab to the body, Wilder tries to do the same. Jab lands for Fury at center ring. Now Wilder gets in his jab on Fury, backing him up. Wilder misses on two left hooks thrown from the outside. Now Wilder steps in and lands a left hook to the body. Wilder gets in a right hook to the body. Wilder misses on another huge right and Fury touches Wilder with a combination, including two body shots. Fury is way too comfortable. Fury 10-9.

Round 4: Wilder lands a jab to the body. Wilder misses on a one-two from range. Fury lands a check hook. Fury ducks a big WIlder right hand and circles back to center ring. Wilder continues to miss on his right hand designed to knock Fury out. Now Wilder whiffs on a right hook to the body. Fury lands two jabs and then ucks a Wilder counter. Wilder lands a hard one now and Fury is bleeding from his nose. Wilder 10-9 because he drew first blood.

Round 5: Wilder jabs to the body. Fury now catches a Wilder hook on his glove. Wilder gets in a grazing left uppercut as Fury ducks a right hand. Wilder presses forward as Fury is taking the round off, hardly throwing. Now Wilder gets in a jab, then a short left hook. Wilder blocks a short combination from Fury and then steps in with two haymakers that miss. I think Wilder edged this round because Fury didn’t throw enough. Wilder 10-9.

Round 6: Wilder tries a jab to the body but can’t stick it well. Wilder misses on the huge right hand once again. Fury walks forward and throws a flurry of punches and Wilder tries to respond with one big one that falls short. Fury smirks at Wilder and then flicks a jab. Fury flicks two jabs at center ring and then throws another short combination. Wilder throws two jabs and lands one. Fury 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Wilder’s left eye looks a little puffy. Wilder starts the round with a jab that falls short. Now Wilder falls short on the jab to the body. Both fighters trade shots at center ring. Fury sneaks in a hard right hand of a hard feint. Another hard one-two lands for Fury! Wilder goes crazy and tries to retaliate with a number of big punches but Fury ducks them! Fury is starting to break Wilder down mentally. Yet another right hand lands clean for Fury, who has Wilder completely lost in the ring. Fury 10-9.

Round 8: Fury walks forward and flicks a jab. Wilder misses on the right hand and Fury gets in a stiff jab. Wilder is missing on straight rights, left hooks, almost everything he throws with any power on it. Wilder should be making a better effort to go to the body but he’s largely been headhunting. Check left hook lands for Fury. Fury is dominating Wilder with his boxing ability. Fury 10-9, 78-74.

Round 9: Fury comes out with a swagger like he knows he has Wilder befuddled. Wilder misses on the home run right hand, BUT THEN WILDER LANDS THE NEXT RIGHT AND IT DROPS FURY! Wilder rushes forward after Fury gets to his feet and Fury lands a nice counter left. Wilder tries a windmill right hand and is missing on a lot of big shots! Fury sticks his tongue at Wilder and makes a lot of faces. Both fighters get in an exchange to end the round. Wilder 10-8.

Round 10: Fury jabs to the body to start the round. Fury is walking to Wilder and Wilder is backing up. Now Wilder decides to stand his ground and Fury lands a one-two on his guard. Fury steps in with two jabs but they don’t land. Fury lands a jab at center ring and then backs Wilder to the ropes. Left uppercut lands for Fury on the inside. Wilder throws back but misses on his shots. Two hard jabs land clean for Fury. Now Fury lands a solid one-two. Wilder won’t be able to take many more of those. WIlder misses on two big shots as he goes into a rage! Fury 10-9, 96-93.

Round 11: Wilder leads with a jab to the body. Now both fighters stand at center ring but neither throw anything for about 20 seconds. Wilder misses on a big left hook, then the follow up flurry. Fury feints and flicks another jab at Wilder. Wilder steps in with a left hook and makes contact. Now a straight right to the body lands for Wilder. Fury steps back in and flicks another jab and a short combination. Fury 10-9.

Round 12: Last round. Wilder needs a knockout to win on my card, or at least a few knock downs. Fury stands center ring and holds court. Fury flicks a jab that falls short. MONSTER RIGHT HAND LANDS FOR WILDER THAT DROPS FURY HARD! FURY’S EYES ARE GLAZED OVER AS HE LAYS FLAT ON THE CANVAS! FURY GETS UP RIGHT AT THE COUNT OF 10 WHEN HE LOOKED LIKE HE WAS OUT COLD! REFEREE LETS IT CONTINUE! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON??!!! Wilder lands a hard left hook! Fury ties him up! Wilder tries to launch an assault and Fury gets in a counter right hand. Now Fury throws a shot and Wilder ties him up. THIS IS A FIGHT! Fury pops a jab, steps in an throws a short combination. It’s over! Wilder 10-8, but it’s not enough on my card. I’ve got it for Fury, 114-112.


Round 1: Welborn comes out pressuring Hurd to the ropes right away. Hurd circles away and lands a sharp jab. One-two comes from Hurd, makes contact but doesn’t land clean. Welborn tries to throw a few punches with Hurd on the ropes but can’t land anything. Hurd is fighting off the ropes, how often do we see that? Jab lands for Hurd once he gets back to center ring. Hurd has been showing some slickness in the ring, evading almost all of Welborn’s attack. Welborn loses his mouth guard and a time out is called to put it back in. Welborn gets in a chopping right hand. Welborn worked hard but I think Hurd landed the cleanest shots of the round. Hurd 10-9.

Round 2: Several jabs come from Hurd and he makes contact on almost all of them. More jabs come from Hurd who then sneaks in a lead left hook after feinting a jab. Double left hook lands clean for Hurd. Jab knocks Welborn to the ropes and now it’s Welborn who is backing up. Welborn steps in but takes a hard left hook to the body. Short right uppercut lands to the body for Hurd. Welborn gets in a cuffing right hook. Hurd throws a short combination with his back on the ropes and Hurd lands a nice left hook to the body. Triple left hook comes from Hurd as get then gets back to center ring. Clean jab snaps Welborn’s head back hard. Hurd 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Jab lands for Hurd to start the round again. More jabs snap out from Hurd right before he gets in a couple of body shots to follow. Hurd ducks a couple of big hooks from Welborn and then Hurd lays on the ropes and rolls Welborn’s attack. Hard jab lands to the body for Hurd, then another one moments later. Hurd throws a short right uppercut and then a left hook to the body. Now Hurd doubles the left hook to the head and body. Welborn tries to stand in and pushes Hurd through the ropes. After a quick break to let Hurd get untangled Welborn rushes forward with an assault for the last 10 seconds. That makes it a closer round but I still think Hurd takes it. Hurd 10-9.

Round 4: Hurd leads with a jab. Welborn tries to tee off on Hurd along the ropes and the crowd gets excited. Welborn is able to land some of them as Hurd isn’t as slick as he thought he was in that moment. Now Hurd comes forward and is pissed off! He’s firing back on Welborn with a lot of hard shots and puts Welborn down with a right uppercut to the body! Welborn doesn’t beat the 10-count. Hurd KO-4.


Round 1: Ortiz leads with a measuring jab. Ortiz steps in with another jab but can’t find the mark. Right hand to the body partially lands for Kauffman. Lead right hook grazes Kauffman. Ortiz steadily presses forward and picks his shots. Jab lands for Ortiz at center ring. Pretty slow round but Ortiz was in control. Ortiz 10-9.

Round 2: Ortiz comes out and misses on a big left hook. Kauffman lands a straight left to the body as he switches to a southpaw stance. Short left hook lands for Ortiz, followed by a right hook downstairs. Big left hand from Ortiz just misses Kauffman. Counter left hand lands for Kauffman, Ortiz taps his gloves together. Right hand lands for Ortiz as Kauffman tries to circle off the ropes. Ortiz lands another jab, followed by a left to the body. Hard right hook lands for Ortiz. Left hand lands for Ortiz at the bell. Ortiz 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Ortiz comes out with a double jab, then throws another double jab. Hard lead right hook lands on the head of Kauffman. Ortiz is very comfortable in the ring, taking his time and landing hard shots on Kauffman. Hard right hand to the body lands for Kauffman this time. Ortiz lands a hard low blow and the referee calls a time out to let Kauffman recover. We’re back in action and Ortiz lands a stiff jab. Hard left hook to the body lands for Kauffman. Jab lands for Ortiz again, then Ortiz throws it to the body. Left hand lands for Ortiz just before the bell. Ortiz 10-9.

Round 4: Ortiz marches forward and lands a short right hook to the body. Ortiz runs after Kauffman and tries to strafe him with a few shots but can’t land them too clean. Jab lands for Ortiz. Left hand to the body lands clean on Kauffman. More jabs come from Ortiz as he walks into punching range. Kauffman not doing much of anything to win rounds and the crowd is booing. Kauffman showboats by putting his hands in the air and Ortiz lands a stiff jab. Ortiz 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Ortiz crowds Kauffman right away and lands a right hook. Jab and left hand lands for Ortiz. Kauffman just covering up and circling the outside of the ring. Another jab lands for Ortiz. Left hand partially lands for Kauffman. Hard left hand to the body lands for Ortiz, then another one. Hard right hook to the body lands for Ortiz. Stiff jab snaps Kauffman’s head back. Three more jabs come from Ortiz! Ortiz 10-9.

Round 6: Jab comes from Ortiz to open the round, who then whips in a right hook upstairs. MONSTER LEFT HAND LANDS FOR ORTIZ! Kauffman hits the deck and Ortiz is on the ropes celebrating! But Kauffman manages to make it to his feet somehow. Left hand lands for Ortiz, who follows it up with a combination as Kauffman just covers up. Jab lands for Ortiz, then another, then a left hand! Kauffman is taking some punishment now. Ortiz 10-8, 60-53.

Round 7: Ortiz tries to jump in with a jab but can’t land it this time. Ortiz throws a right hook to the body. Double right hook comes from Ortiz. Now Ortiz lands two jabs over Kauffman’s guard. Kauffman throws two hooks that graze Ortiz. Ortiz touches the body with a jab but misses on the left hand upstairs. Clean jab lands again for Ortiz, then another. Ortiz 10-9.

Round 8: Jab lands for Ortiz. ANOTHER BIG LEFT HAND DROPS KAUFFMAN HARD! Kauffman beats the count again and says he wants to continue — actually he screams “HELL YEAH!” Ortiz pops some more jabs and bounces on his toes a little. Jab to the body lands for Ortiz. Right hook lands for Ortiz this time, but Kauffman continues to stand in front of Ortiz with his hands up. Big uppercut from Ortiz lands clean on Kauffman’s chin, and Kauffman manages to take the shot well. Ortiz 10-8, 80-70.

Round 9: Ortiz leads with a jab. Two more jabs come from Ortiz and push Kauffman back a little. Chopping left lands for Ortiz. Now Ortiz gets in a right hook behind the guard. Two more jabs land for Ortiz at center ring. Another body shot lands low on Kauffman and the referee calls a timeout and gives Ortiz a warning. Ortiz gets in a jab , then a cuffing right hook. Another assault puts Kauffman down but it’s ruled a push down. Kauffman lands a body shot now but it doesn’t stop Ortiz from coming and picking him apart. Short combination lands for Ortiz. Ortiz 10-9.

Round 10: Last round! Ortiz lands a jab to start the round. A couple more jabs land clean for Ortiz. Another left hand from Ortiz puts Kauffman down again. Kauffman gets up right away and says he’s good to go, the referee agrees. Hard right hook to the body lands for Ortiz. Hard left hook stuns Kauffman badly and Ortiz tries to finish him and there referee jumps in to stop the assault! It’s over. Ortiz TKO-10.


Round 1: Both fighters trade jabs at center ring. Joyce now gets in his jab which cuts Hanks’ short. Joyce walking forward and lands another jab on Hanks. Hanks tries a left and right hand but can’t quite find the target. Hard right hand lands for Hanks, then Joyce gets in one in return! Joyce is big but he looks like he throws a lot of arm punches, with a lot of leverage. Hard right hand staggers Hanks and Joyce just stares at him. Now Joyce comes forward and lands another big shot that puts Hanks down for good. Joyce TKO-1.

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