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Lomachenko-Pedraza: Post-Fight Press Conference

Vasyl Lomachenko and Jose Pedraza talk about their fight this past weekend.

Following Vasyl Lomachenko’s lightweight title unification on Saturday night, both fighters fielded media questions about their thoughts on the bout. Check out some excerpts below with the full video above.

Pedraza on his thoughts on the fight:

“Lomachenko is definitely one of the best fighters in the world. My team and I are very happy with our performance because we did a great fight against one of the best fighters in the world.”

Pedraza on how he would rate Lomachenko’s power in comparison to Gervonta Davis’:

“Lomachenko is a fighter that breaks down his opponents little by little, and I believe that Davis is a fighter that can knock out someone with just one punch.”

Pedraza on who he thinks the overall better fighter is between Lomachenko and Davis:

“Lomachenko. Definitely.”

Lomachenko on his thoughts on the fight with Pedraza:

“It was interesting fight, you know. He had a very good jab, he prepare very good. Every round he change position [by switching stances]. He boxing smart. So I think peoples who love boxing like this fight.”

Lomachenko on what happened in Round 11:

“Did you watch the fight?! So why you ask me?

“[I knew there was] two more rounds and I threw a lot of punches. I want finish this fight so, I was close to finishing [it]. I was close to knock him out.”

Lomachenko on how he would compare Pedraza’s power to Jorge Linares’:

“Maybe it’s close. The same power.”

On if he’s considering a rematch with Pedraza:

“Rematch?! For what? For who?

“Why [was he] not prepared for this fight? Why [was he] not doing [whatever he would do in rematch] for this fight? It’s not too close fight [to warrant a rematch]. For me, not interesting.”

Lomachenko on how his shoulder felt:

“Shoulder healthy, 100%. You know, it was very good and I use couple times the right hook. Everything good.”

On if he planned to deliberately start the fight slow and build the tempo as it wore on:

“No, my strategy was I had to do something for Pedraza [to think that he could win the fight and open up]...That’s why I didn’t throw so many punches where he can think for himself that he can beat me, and that was my strategy.”

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