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Deontay Wilder: Anthony Joshua’s team ‘begging’ for fight now

Deontay Wilder sat down with Joe Rogan to discuss Anthony Joshua and a lot more.

Deontay Wilder was a guest on Joe Rogan’s show a couple of days ago and gave his thoughts on the Dec. 1 fight with Tyson Fury, which led to Rogan bringing up Anthony Joshua, saying that after Wilder-Fury, Joshua is in a bad position despite holding three of the four recognized world heavyweight titles.

Wilder, as you would expect, agreed.

“They’re definitely begging now,” Wilder told Rogan. “He’s trying to reach out all of a sudden now, his management has been trying to reach out to mine. He could’ve had this opportunity. He’s had many opportunities. He could’ve fought Luis Ortiz, he could’ve fought me, he had a chance to fight Fury, as well.

“But people wanna know who’s the best now. Especially after seeing this Fury fight, people wanna see who’s the best. I’ve been trying to show people who’s the best. I always say I’m the best, I’m gonna forever say I’m the best until I get defeated.”

Wilder also discusses his belief that Tyson Fury was knocked out in round 12, his belief that the Showtime commentators showed biased against him, his start in boxing just 11 years ago, and much more in a very good interview.

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