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Canelo vs Rocky: Rocky Fielding planning a trip to Disney — and a shocking win

Rocky Fielding is confident he shocks the world on Saturday, and then he’ll head off to Disney World with his loved ones.

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Canelo Alvarez v Rocky Fielding - Media Workout Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The kid impressed you with how easygoing he was during the Wednesday workout at Madison Square Garden, which was open to the public.

Impressed you and, to be honest, had you thinking: “Damn, this is a chill guy, someone who seems like they deserve good things happening to them.”

Rocky Fielding (age 31; 27-1 record, with 15 KOs) comes off as a quite humble lad, just about zero cockiness in him, and so you find yourself pondering for an extra second, what if?

What if the massive underdog is able to activate that old and sorta tired cliché “puncher’s chance” against Canelo Alvarez on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, streaming on DAZN?

Hey, stranger things have happened. Just last night, I was walking the dog, with my eight-year-old daughter, and we looked up, and we saw a chubby and handsome raccoon staring at us. The animal was perched on the window guards at 326 1R on our street, in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I think we’d interrupted a search for a takeout meal, as there were garbage bags stacked five feet below, as the super had refuse ready for takeaway. The raccoon clung to the window guard, butt pressed to the outside of the window, and we wondered if an inhabitant might open the window, to see what’s what...

Back to Fielding.

I put it to him during that Wednesday workout: does he FEEL like Rocky, the movie star? Is he feeling in his gut that the script gets flipped on Saturday, that he holds on to his WBA 168-pound crown (taken from Tyron Zeuge), that he shocks the entirety of the boxing world, outside the Fielding family and trainer Jamie Moore?

“I’m feeling great,” Rocky said. “I’m enjoying the moment, I’m looking forward to Saturday night.”

So, you feeling an upset win is coming?

“Yeah, definitely. That’s why I’m here, yeah. The vibe is good, the energy is good, a good scene, family here comin’ over.”

Sure, yes, there have been downsides, like missing his wife and two kids, a two-year-old and 12-week-old. But he will try and make up for lost time. The check he takes home will cheer up the missus. And, he’s been training 11 weeks, and knows that win, or lose or draw, they will fly to Florida. Yep, the Fieldings will do the Disney thing.

And off a win, wow, wouldn’t he get the royal treatment? I think he’d be able to skip ride lines.

He said he’s not tight, he’s enjoying it.

“I’m not letting it get to me, I’m enjoying it. Prediction? Scousers take over — and Rocky wins! And both get home safe, to our family.”

Yeah, really likeable guy. The Beatles accent, the Liverpool accent, that meant I lost every 10th word or so, but this bottom line I got. Rocky will try his damnedest Saturday night, and he knows this is a hard climb. Much harder than a long ride line at Disney. He has to be secretly hoping that Fate is wanting to throw us a strange-tasting bone Saturday. He has to hope that real life will echo some of those scripts where Balboa won bouts he had no business winning. And also, you know the guy is going to be enjoying the hell out of Disney with the fam whatever happens Saturday at Madison Square Garden.

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To stream Canelo vs Rocky, sign up for DAZN and get one month free!

To stream Canelo vs Rocky, sign up for DAZN and get one month free!

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